Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Comment to "One Million Moms for Gun Control"

Update to Original: It appears that One Million Moms for Gun Control has deleted my comment on their Facebook page and has blocked me from commenting as well.  I was hoping for some open dialogue.[2:49 pm]

One Million Moms for Gun Control has a page on Facebook and I decided to leave them a comment as nicely as I could in an effort to spread awareness.  It always breaks my heart to see a group of parents advocating something like this so I left my response to them as a father.  If the dialogue continues I will share it here.
Dear God, One Million Moms that refuse to protect their own children and do not want others to be able to do the same.

Please, as a father, hear me out. I have a kid and a wife. Not one of you, nor anyone else in this world is here, in my home, or out with us when we go to the grocery store or family outing to the park or movie theater that can protect my child and wife. I, and I alone have that responsibility. None of you million moms can do it for me, the police can not do it for me (in fact the Supreme Court has ruled on 2 separate occasions that it is not the duty of the police to do so), and none of you are me. I carry a firearm daily and firearms are in my home. None of my firearms has ever killed anyone, nor have I, but what they do is allow me to effectively protect my family in a way that no one else can on a daily basis.

Please, leave me, and other gun owners like me, in peace. I do not come up to you in public and tell you not to give your kid McDonald's food because it can contribute to the 80% childhood obesity rate or that an obese child is highly likely to be an obese adult and that obesity leads to heart disease which is one of the number one killers in the country. So please do not tell me how I should raise my family or how I should best protect them.

As a father, I love my child more than I ever thought I could love anyone and because of that I take my responsibilities of parenthood very seriously, so you have to understand why people calling for bans on firearms makes me upset. What you are effectively doing is asking the government to strip me of my right and my ability to protect the people that I love most. What you are advocating is the endangerment of my child, and I do not take kindly to that.

I do not ask that any of you own or carry a firearm, or associate with anyone that does, but I am asking that you not advocate that others not be able to do the same.

Thanks for hearing me out. I hope it will cause some of you to re-think exactly what you are asking.


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