Thursday, December 27, 2012

Year end deals

Hey readers,

Some of you know that I am an Amazon Affiliate.  What that means is that when you click on my affiliate links it will take you to Amazon and can shop how you normally would, but when you buy items Amazon sends me a small cut of the money that they make from what you buy.  It does not cost you anything extra, in fact the only thing you have to do is click on the link I post to get to Amazon and Amazon does the rest.  You do not even have to buy products that I link, Amazon will reward me for anything else you buy as well.  So, if you want to shop on Amazon, and you want to help out my little family, use my affiliate link to shop Amazon, or click on the things I post for Amazon.

Now that you sat through all of that, here are the Amazon Year End Deals. Received something awesome for Christmas but still need those accessories to go with it?  How about something that was on your list but Santa forgot to get it out of his bag? Head on over to Amazon they are having great deals at up to 60% off.

Get what you need before the New Year because the Amazon Year End Deals Sale ends 11:59pm on December 31.


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