Friday, July 20, 2012

On the shooting in Aurora Colorado

I was able to catch bits and pieces throughout my hectic work day.  A lone gunman waited for a crowded movie theater to begin to empty after a showing of The Dark Knight Rises and he opened fire, killing many, injuring many more, among them children.  My heart aches for those families, especially for those that lost children.  The harm of children causes a lump to catch in my throat ever since Harrison was born; those things are hard to hear.  It is in these times that I am reminded of the story about Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs by Dave Grossman.

In Colorado a wolf showed up in those pastures and surprised the sheep as they went about their day, seemingly oblivious to the dangers that filled their world.  Unfortunately there were no sheepdogs around to protect the flock, and the wolf killed many of them.

I have long considered myself a sheepdog, knowing that wolves lurk on the edges of society and want nothing more then to hurt others, and I have steadied myself to the fact that I may have to defend myself, those I love, and those innocent among the public when the wolf does attack.  The wolf has sharp teeth, but so do I and will meet the violence of the wolf with violence of my own.

Many people become upset that I carry a gun, like the sheep that are upset that the sheepdog has sharp teeth, because my gun is a reminder that bad guys have guns as well.  I, however, will never use my gun to harm the innocent among us, but should the bad guy come around wishing to do harm I will stand up and defend you, just like the sheepdog will never bite a sheep but will use his teeth when the wolf comes looking for dinner.

It is also during these tragedies that I am starkly reminded exactly why I carry a gun; I have a flock of my own to tend to.  My son can not care for himself and it is my duty as his father to protect him when evil comes knocking.  Likewise it is my duty to my wife that I ensure that she is protected as well if evil decides to target my family and disrupt my peace.

I would be content to live out my days and die an old sheepdog, circling my flock, being vigilantly alert for every danger, never having to use my teeth, but if the wolf shows up at my door I will respond in a ferociously violent manner until the wolf either retreats or leaves this planet.

I have a family to protect.  I am  sheepdog.  It is okay if you are a little afraid because of my teeth, but just know, should the wolf show up I will be here.

Stay safe my friends,

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