Friday, June 29, 2012

Dear Pediatrician

Today Harrison received his first round of vaccinations.  I took his temp around 21:45 and it was at 100.4, so while I was not too concerned, I understand that 100.4 in the first few months of life could warrant at least a call to the Pediatrician.  Our Pediatrician has an after hours line open until 10pm, so I gave them a call and told them the issue.

The response back was nothing less than holier than thou snark.  She, in a condescending tone, informed me that he could have a low grade fever in the first 24 hours, and that 100.4 was low grade and that it could go up to 102.5.

Look, I understand issues involved with vaccines, and I also know that 100.4 is considered to be a fever in infants up to 6 months of age, and I understand I called your established after hours line at 21:55, but do not talk to me like I am an idiot.  Even if you believe that I am an idiot for calling you, give me the information in a polite manner.  If 100.4 was not a temperature to call the office for then they should have given me real parameters to work with instead of vaguely telling me a "low grade fever".  I am a smart cookie, I have a degree in Registered Nursing, I can handle real deal parameters.  What I can not handle is rude doctors that treat their patients like we are a burden.

At the end of the day my wife and I, and us alone, are responsible for the well being of our child.  The Pediatrician reaps no rewards nor does she suffer any consequences for what happens in the life of my child and because of that I will act accordingly in the best interest of my child and my child alone, even if that means the Pediatrician is inconvenienced by having to call me back on the after hours line that her practice set up.

I am a father and husband first and because of that I do not take kindly to bullshit and attitudes in regards to my family especially from a peer in the healthcare industry.


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