Saturday, December 3, 2011

I am getting a Padawan!

Thursday, my wife had her 21 week anatomy scan to make sure that the pregnancy is progressing normally, and to scan the anatomy of the baby to ensure that the baby is growing appropriately.

The most exciting part of the anatomy scan is finding out the gender of the baby, and our little babe is a BOY!

My very own Padawan!

[ If this were a cool movie, epic music would be playing right now]

Ashley and I are extremely excited to be expecting our first child, and we are also excited to be having a boy. I am absolutely ecstatic to be having a boy, although I would be just as excited for a girl, but having a boy means I can build tree houses, and forts, play in the dirt, and buy cool toys (who doesn't like Nerf guns and Animatronic Dinosaurs?) without getting weird looks.

It is a fine line between acting "childish" and being labeled immature, and acting "childish" and being labeled an awesome Dad; and I am proud to have an excuse!

You may have noticed that the layout of the blog has changed, the pictures, and theme has also changed.  This blog has always been about my life, and the things effecting it.  With a son on the way, my life has changed, and subsequently my blog has changed as well.  I hope you will all sit back and enjoy the ride, as I share the pregnancy, and my life with my wife and son afterwards.


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