Saturday, August 6, 2011

Updates on living healthy and examining my old eating habits (ie, how Horrible McDonald's is for you.)

Tomorrow morning marks the end of the week for the new lifestyle of healthy eating.  Tomorrow is my official weigh in day, so I will do a quick and short post tomorrow morning to update my weight, but I did weigh myself today so I sort of know what to expect, but I do not want to put a weight in until I weigh myself tomorrow morning.  What I will say is that I had to move my belt up a notch to make it tighter, and I am fitting more comfortably into a smaller size pair of khaki shorts that I have.

I also began tracking the food I ate, paying attention to the calories.  I was not majorly concerned with calories, because I knew I would be eating mostly protein and vegetables, but I was curious what my daily calories were totaling.  The tracking also helps to keep me accountable because I can use the app on my iPod touch.  The app is called My Fitness Pal, and also has a website by the same name.  I can update food at either place and, as long as I have an internet connection, they will sync.  The great thing about the app is that I can use it without an internet connection on my iPod to track my food because I only need the internet to sync the app with the site, if I so desire.

Here is a link to the past two days of tracking.  Anthony's food diary (you may have to change the parameters at the top to show the past two days)

It will show you what I ate and some nutritional info.  I found it very interesting that I am eating roughly 1700 calories a day, and yet I am stuffed when I am finished, and I do not get that nagging hungry feeling unless it is close to the time to eat again (i.e. I ate breakfast at 7:30 and now it is going on noon).  I was actually amazed to see my calorie intake, especially since my old eating habits of fast food and unhealthy food in general would see me reach that calorie intake, or more, with breakfast and lunch; And still feel very hungry in between meals!

Just to give some reference, I will list the foods that I would normally eat before changing these habits.  This was not every day, but it was multiple times a week, and for awhile, the breakfast was every day.


  • 2 Egg McMuffins- 300 calories each = 600
  • 2 Hashbrowns- 150 calories each = 300
  • Medium Mocha Frappe- 560 calories!!! (I had no idea until I just looked this up, holy moley!)
Total for breakfast: a gut busting 1460 calories

Sometimes I would not get the McMuffins but would instead get a Steak, Egg, and Cheese bagel for 660 calories, or a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese McGriddle for 560 calories which would make my total for breakfast be 1520 and 1420 respectively.


  • 2 McDouble- 390 calories each = 780
  • Large fries = 500 calories
  • 3 Chocolate chip cookies =  480 calories
Total for lunch: a whopping 1760 calories
Total for breakfast and lunch 3220!!!!! Before dinner and snacks!

To be truthful, I knew that the food was not good for me, but I had no idea how many calories I was eating, and to think I was still feeling hungry!  I am a bit shocked, and more than a little embarrassed and ashamed,  at the moment once I add all of it up, but please take that as a lesson, I know it has certainly taught me something.

It is easy to see that my current diet is much healthier than my previous diet.  I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to examine their own food choices, the results may surprise the hell out of you!

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