Monday, August 1, 2011

Day1: Weigh-in and mid-day updates

Today is the first day of starting my new diet/lifestyle/journey etc etc.  This morning I weighed in and got a body fat reading.  I will also take my body measurements, but have not done that yet.  I have never posted my body weight and body fat percentages so far, but I have posted about my pounds lost before.  I have decided that I will post my body weight and body fat as well as measurements for multiple reasons

  • To help hold myself accountable
  • To allow others to see what can be accomplished
  • To allow myself to keep track of my own progress
Whether or not I post a number really will not mean a whole lot in regards to it being some grand revelation.  It isn't like people think I am 180 lbs and then suddenly this image will be shattered when I post my real weight.  I do not believe that a number on a scale defines whom I am, nor does it reflect the entire picture o what is going on.  180 lbs and 50% body fat is vastly different than 200 lbs and 10% body fat, and is a good representation to say that all of these numbers alone are simply another measurement and while they hold some importance, the most important thing is that I get healthy and feel better.

I weighed myself this morning and took a body fat measurement and these are the results

  • Weight- 433.2 lbs
  • Body Fat 52.5%
I will add more measurements to this and probably pictures as well as I get them.

I have also set some goals for myself as well that I want to accomplish.  I have started with very modest goals, and I know that I will probably exceed some of these goals based on previous weight loss rate.

  • Get down to 329 lbs by August 1st 2012
  • Lose 2 lbs per week
  • Decrease body fat percentage to healthy range for my age (10.6%-16%)
Those are my goals for now.  I will be adding some others soon as I add an exercise/weight training routine.  I expect to exceed those goals, at least the short term goal of 2 lbs per week, as it is normal for me to lose more than that in the beginning and will eventually level out.

Meals for today
At breakfast I made 3 scrambled eggs mixed with black beans and some spices.  I added 3 turkey sausage links and sauteed zucchini and carrots with garlic and some other spices.  It was definitely a delicious and protein filled breakfast.

At lunch I had some chicken, but I am not at home and did not prepare to eat out today so I am still working on it.

Dinner for tonight will be tacos, since that is my wife would like.  My dinner will be similar sans the tortilla and rice and will be a taco salad, with some veggies on the side, probably broccoli or cauliflower.

That's the update so far.



  1. Congrats Anthony! And Good Luck to you! :)

  2. One step at a time...
    One day at a time....
    Remember to be kind to yourself...
    Healthy living is within reach...
    I am so PROUD of you for taking control of your LIFE.....

  3. secret comes out. "the more you eat, the more you lose." crazy right? i know. but its the way the human body works. my friend decided one day to call me "snacks." "mimi, everytime i look at you, you are eating, man you can eat! how are you not the size of a house" not quite the compliment but i took it as is. food is the body's fuel. feed it little by little, it keeps the consistent flow of energy input moving like an assembly line. what does this mean? higher metabolism. small meals/snack every 3 hours are necessary (kinda like babies or newborns), about your hand size full, a little goes a long way. this way you are never hungry. eat the second you wake up, your metabolism can reach its peak if you eat within the first half hour you open your eyes. more good carbs for breakfast will fuel you throughout the day. it truly is the most important meal of the day!

  4. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the comments and the support. I am going to try to post every day, or at least every other day to keep myself on track. If I don't past in a few days, someone send me a message and make sure I didn't fall off of the wagon lol.


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