Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weigh-in day. One week after starting.

This morning I weighed myself to see what my progress was for the first week.  Here are the numbers

Starting weight (August 1 2011) 433.2 lbs
Today's weight (August 7 2011) 420.2 lbs
Total weight loss                         13 lbs

I am definitely happy with those results.

Be sure to check out the blog post I made late last night.  It talks about tracking my food, and I looked at the McDonald's nutrition info to chart how much I was eating a few times a week.  It surprised me.  Go read Updates on living healthy and examining my old eating habits (ie, how Horrible McDonald's is for you.)



I will be adding a new page to this blog just to track my weight.  I will still post about it, but I also want a page with my weights over time.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Updates on living healthy and examining my old eating habits (ie, how Horrible McDonald's is for you.)

Tomorrow morning marks the end of the week for the new lifestyle of healthy eating.  Tomorrow is my official weigh in day, so I will do a quick and short post tomorrow morning to update my weight, but I did weigh myself today so I sort of know what to expect, but I do not want to put a weight in until I weigh myself tomorrow morning.  What I will say is that I had to move my belt up a notch to make it tighter, and I am fitting more comfortably into a smaller size pair of khaki shorts that I have.

I also began tracking the food I ate, paying attention to the calories.  I was not majorly concerned with calories, because I knew I would be eating mostly protein and vegetables, but I was curious what my daily calories were totaling.  The tracking also helps to keep me accountable because I can use the app on my iPod touch.  The app is called My Fitness Pal, and also has a website by the same name.  I can update food at either place and, as long as I have an internet connection, they will sync.  The great thing about the app is that I can use it without an internet connection on my iPod to track my food because I only need the internet to sync the app with the site, if I so desire.

Here is a link to the past two days of tracking.  Anthony's food diary (you may have to change the parameters at the top to show the past two days)

It will show you what I ate and some nutritional info.  I found it very interesting that I am eating roughly 1700 calories a day, and yet I am stuffed when I am finished, and I do not get that nagging hungry feeling unless it is close to the time to eat again (i.e. I ate breakfast at 7:30 and now it is going on noon).  I was actually amazed to see my calorie intake, especially since my old eating habits of fast food and unhealthy food in general would see me reach that calorie intake, or more, with breakfast and lunch; And still feel very hungry in between meals!

Just to give some reference, I will list the foods that I would normally eat before changing these habits.  This was not every day, but it was multiple times a week, and for awhile, the breakfast was every day.


  • 2 Egg McMuffins- 300 calories each = 600
  • 2 Hashbrowns- 150 calories each = 300
  • Medium Mocha Frappe- 560 calories!!! (I had no idea until I just looked this up, holy moley!)
Total for breakfast: a gut busting 1460 calories

Sometimes I would not get the McMuffins but would instead get a Steak, Egg, and Cheese bagel for 660 calories, or a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese McGriddle for 560 calories which would make my total for breakfast be 1520 and 1420 respectively.


  • 2 McDouble- 390 calories each = 780
  • Large fries = 500 calories
  • 3 Chocolate chip cookies =  480 calories
Total for lunch: a whopping 1760 calories
Total for breakfast and lunch 3220!!!!! Before dinner and snacks!

To be truthful, I knew that the food was not good for me, but I had no idea how many calories I was eating, and to think I was still feeling hungry!  I am a bit shocked, and more than a little embarrassed and ashamed,  at the moment once I add all of it up, but please take that as a lesson, I know it has certainly taught me something.

It is easy to see that my current diet is much healthier than my previous diet.  I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to examine their own food choices, the results may surprise the hell out of you!

Until next time


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Disaster averted: keeping up healthy habits

I will not lie, changing bad habits and replacing them with new ones is not an easy task.  It takes a lot of will power, and tons of planning.  I had a near disaster yesterday on my journey to being healthier and losing weight. I woke up later than I wanted too, hit the snooze button one too many times, and as a result did not have time to make breakfast or prepare lunch.  I filled up my Nalgene bottle (at least I remembered to grab the water bottle) and ran out the door.

I was immediately hungry.  Damn!

Okay, I had a few options running through my head 1. go back to a bad habit just this once and swing by McDonald's for a mocha frappe, 2 egg McMuffins, and a hasbrown 2. don't eat anything 3. stop at Sunoco and see what I can throw together.

McDonal's sounded damn tempting, but I started to feel some disappointment in myself.  Already Anthony? You want to eat that crap so soon after starting?

No, I did not want that.

My stomach was growling and I immediately knew that not eating was not an option.  Sunoco it is.

Before I go further, I will say that a gas station is not the ideal place to go looking for a quality breakfast, but with some will power to get past the tastee kakes, donuts, and candy bars, you can make it work.

I went to the cooler and grabbed a huge bottle of water and then looked for the aisle where I could find some protein;  there, a pack of almonds and a bag of beef jerky (the plain kind, not the crap filled with sugars etc).

Was it an ideal breakfast?  Not by a long shot, but it was healthier than the alternative.

Okay, breakfast disaster dodged, now what about lunch?  I didn't pack anything.  I only saw clients until 1pm that day so I decided that I could wait until I got back home at 2 to grab some lunch, which meant driving past multiple fast food places on my journey and making sure I did not pull into the drive-thru.

Those damn drive-thru's make it so easy to get greasy burgers and fries

I made it home unscathed and grabbed some chicken and veggies for lunch.  Another disaster averted!!!

Lesson learned!

So I did take away a few valuable lessons and hopefully they will help all of you as well.

  1. Prepare!  It is much easier to make healthier choices if you are prepared to do so.  Wake up a little earlier so you can make breakfast.  Prepare breakfast the night before (such as making hard boiled eggs that you can grab).  The same applies for lunch; make a healthy one the night before and grab it from the fridge in the morning.
  2. Do not let yourself go hungry.  It is much easier to stave off the donuts and fast food fare if you are not hungry.
  3. Keep a healthy snack on hand such as almonds or veggies.  This will be instrumental in helping with number 2.
It isn't easy, but nothing worth having is ever easy.  Unless you are the son of a highly influential politician, nothing will be handed to you, and no one cares more about your goals than you do.  In the same regard, no one can make you accomplish your goals, you have to find the motivation, find people that will support you and hold you accountable, and then go after those goals like you life depends upon it, because if you are like me, your life does depend on it.

A quick update before I end this post.  I weigh myself frequently throughout the week so I can gauge how I am doing and make adjustments accordingly.  This works in the beginning for me, because I can lose weight quickly at this stage, but later on this will not help much.

So, this morning I stepped on the scale and I weighed 4 pounds less!  Hell yes!  How is that for some motivation?  My official weigh in day is Monday (or maybe Sunday morning) so I will give an official pounds lost and new weight at that point.

I am also adding some body weight exercises and interval training exercises to my routine.  I have found some that work effectively and do not take a whole lot of time, which is great because I do not have a lot of time.

A great resource for "leveling up your life", whether it is for weight loss, or you want to get stronger, faster, or better, and a website that has been giving me some motivation and kick ass work outs and recipes is Nerd Fitness.  You should definitely check out all of the nerdy, healthy goodness.

Until next time.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Day1: Weigh-in and mid-day updates

Today is the first day of starting my new diet/lifestyle/journey etc etc.  This morning I weighed in and got a body fat reading.  I will also take my body measurements, but have not done that yet.  I have never posted my body weight and body fat percentages so far, but I have posted about my pounds lost before.  I have decided that I will post my body weight and body fat as well as measurements for multiple reasons

  • To help hold myself accountable
  • To allow others to see what can be accomplished
  • To allow myself to keep track of my own progress
Whether or not I post a number really will not mean a whole lot in regards to it being some grand revelation.  It isn't like people think I am 180 lbs and then suddenly this image will be shattered when I post my real weight.  I do not believe that a number on a scale defines whom I am, nor does it reflect the entire picture o what is going on.  180 lbs and 50% body fat is vastly different than 200 lbs and 10% body fat, and is a good representation to say that all of these numbers alone are simply another measurement and while they hold some importance, the most important thing is that I get healthy and feel better.

I weighed myself this morning and took a body fat measurement and these are the results

  • Weight- 433.2 lbs
  • Body Fat 52.5%
I will add more measurements to this and probably pictures as well as I get them.

I have also set some goals for myself as well that I want to accomplish.  I have started with very modest goals, and I know that I will probably exceed some of these goals based on previous weight loss rate.

  • Get down to 329 lbs by August 1st 2012
  • Lose 2 lbs per week
  • Decrease body fat percentage to healthy range for my age (10.6%-16%)
Those are my goals for now.  I will be adding some others soon as I add an exercise/weight training routine.  I expect to exceed those goals, at least the short term goal of 2 lbs per week, as it is normal for me to lose more than that in the beginning and will eventually level out.

Meals for today
At breakfast I made 3 scrambled eggs mixed with black beans and some spices.  I added 3 turkey sausage links and sauteed zucchini and carrots with garlic and some other spices.  It was definitely a delicious and protein filled breakfast.

At lunch I had some chicken, but I am not at home and did not prepare to eat out today so I am still working on it.

Dinner for tonight will be tacos, since that is my wife would like.  My dinner will be similar sans the tortilla and rice and will be a taco salad, with some veggies on the side, probably broccoli or cauliflower.

That's the update so far.