Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Updates and Changes

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March is here, the weather is fluctuating but will start to lean towards warm rather than cold, and spring will be upon us.  With spring comes new life and change, and things around here are not very different from spring.  Over the next few days (or weeks) there will be some changes made to the blog, mostly with the layout, but I am also aware that some of the blogs I used to read are no longer available and some of the things taking up space here are no longer relevant.  Hopefully this will give the blog a breath of fresh air and will draw me back in to write more frequently.

I am also beginning new changes for myself as well, mostly importantly, getting my health in order.  I have been struggling with my weight issue for some time and have tried a number of diet's to achieve a healthy weight.  They have all failed for one reason or another.  Last Monday I took the advice of a medical professional that I respect, and began the Atkin's Diet.  I actually enjoy this diet thus far and have not had trouble sticking to it. I am seldom hungry, I am not bored with the food, and I have not been craving the foods that I have omitted (okay, sometimes I want something really sugary, but I can go without).  I weighed myself Monday, at the one week mark, and found that I had lost 13 pounds.  I was slightly surprised at the result because I reflected on the previous week and realized that what I did was not hard, and that has made all the difference.  I have high hopes for this plan and will do whatever I can to make it work.

Speaking of new life, you all should go and read my wife's blog "A Heart Full of Grace, a Soul generated by Love".  It will chronicle her preparation and subsequent trip to Kenya this summer as a volunteer.  She is very excited, finds great content, and is an awesome writer.  Check out her blog, especially the closer she gets to her trip to Kenya and for her time there.


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