Monday, November 30, 2009

Nursing school, work, smart ass comments

Well, it has certainly been awhile, and I am sorry to have neglected you all. You see, life has been rolling along at full steam and I have been busier than hell. I figure I should at least give an update here for the sake of myself and for those who used to read this blog faithfully before I seemingly fell off the face of the earth.

Lets see....I'll start with my nursing education.

It appears as if I will start my clinicals around the end of August, which is fantastic because I am not so sure I can wait much longer to get this shit over with. Do not get me wrong, I love school, and I am sure I will be a life long learner, but I am reading to start my working medical career. However, since clinicals have not started I am still forced to endure some fairly stupid people in some my classes, particularly, other nursing hopefuls in my Anatomy classes. Here's the deal, if more than half way through the semester and if when looking inside the preserved carcass of a cat, you can not identify the heart and lungs and do not know where they are, then you should do the rest of us a favor and stop taking up our valuable oxygen so that we have more to think with. If you look at me and point to "that round thing" and ask what it is and then look at me astounded when I say the heart, please expect me to not take you seriously. If you follow that up with "well what are those two flaps on either side" and then I have to tell you that those "flaps" on either side of the heart are the lungs (no bullshitting) and you are still not convinced...please do not expect me to study with you in your study group; at that point it would be me studying and you being surprised when I point out that the furry thing that we have been cutting is a cat you damned nit wits.

Now some people may think I am being too hard on some of these people, but please, half way through the semester of Anatomy and Physiology 2 and you the general placement of the heart and lungs and should certainly know that after you crack the ribs, those two organs are going to be the heart and lungs. In their defense, these two people thought they were looking in abdominopelvic cavity (where the intestines and such are located) never mind the large diaphragm separating the spaces.

There is not much more happening with school, we have about two weeks left and have lost quite a few people to the class, which means less competition trying to get into clinicals. Feast or famine people, feast or famine.

Work is going well, I am finely settled in to just two clients that I see for about7 hours a day. My school client is great but some of his peers could benefit from services as well, and some of them could benefit from a foot inserted in the rectal area. Listen parents, I understand that sometimes children will act differently in front of you than the way they will act in the general public, I will give that to you, but when your child is telling me and the teaching staff to shut the fuck up because we are assholes, and then you tell the school that they never act like that at home, well you can see why I want to punch you in the face. Your kid is bad at home and you are too lazy to pull yourself away from Jerry Springer and your 40oz to give them some sort of discipline. Get off you ass and interact with them for crying out loud; you would be surprised what a little effort will get you and how far a "great job" will go. When Little Johnny shouts "fuck you" because I simply asked him to sit down because the other students could not see the board then I am lead to believe that Little Johnny also tell you to shove it up your ass when you ask him to eat his broccoli.

Ahh, now I feel better. I will have to start blogging more now that I remember how therapeutic it can be. Perhaps tomorrow I will tell you how I feel about the post office down the street because lately they have been pissing me off.

Until next time,