Thursday, October 8, 2009

We bought Dad a new gun....and it is beautiful.

My father recently turned 46 and for years now he has been telling us stories about the gun his father used to have. His father kept it in a leather belt and holster, a "cowboy" style holster that my grandfather had made to fit himself. Legend holds that my grandfather did keep a gun, as well as ammo, in this belt, but I know for certain that grandpa also kept a revolver tucked into his boots when he stepped out of the house. Even then grandpa knew that two guns were better then one, and concealed carry was preferable to catch the criminal by surprise.

Unfortunately, the set of 2 .357 mag revolvers that my grandfather had were stolen and then sold at a pawn shop by an unsavory person in my own family, and lost forever to my father. Years later, my father still has that belt and has dropped atom bomb sized hints that he would love to put a gun in his dad's holster once again. On his 46th birthday, which was this past Sunday, my brothers and I were more then happy to oblige. Dad now has a new Ruger Blackhawk .357 Magnum that is absolutely beautiful, as you can see from the picture.

While some people in this country are complaining about guns, me and mine are happier then hell that we live in a free land. I am certain this will set off a cascade of gun buying among my family, as I plan on buying some soon, my brother will be 21 next summer, and one of my bud's (yep,part of the family) just got his License to Carry a Firearm.

This weekend I am traveling to Washington DC and wont be able to tell you fine people about how the new gun does, but once I get back I will have a wonderful tale of firearms fun with my father.

Happy shooting,

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