Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Checking in

It has been awhile since I had last posted here on this blog. If you are following my twitter or facebook accounts you know that I have been able to post much more frequently, and much easier on those sites. Here is the issue, I have a new job, a job that I love, and my nursing school classes have started again. This makes time a commodity. The new job is in my field but it also means that I do not have a whole lot of time to be at a computer. I am currently sitting in a Burger King that has internet access, as well as computers for their guests to use. Starting this week I will have a break from clients from about 2p-4p so perhaps you all will see more of me here. Blogspot has yet to get an app that I can use on my blackberry to update, and updating on my blackberry can be a pain, however I tend to update Twitter and Facebook with my BB quite often. So while I have a few minutes I just want to give some updates:

Like I said I have a new job. I work for a company that gives mental health services to children. I work one on one with those children to deliver those services. I am typically in the home or in the school with any given client. Currently two of my clients are autistic and it is quite an adventure.

Married life is going great. I love it. Ashley and I are doing well and despite a very hectic lifestyle with work and school, we see much more of each other now then we did when I had the other job. There are no children in the picture....yet. We have decided that we would discuss the issue again next summer after I start the clinical portion of my nursing education.

I am now, more than ever, acutely aware of the political and economic climate in America. While I have not been posting here, I have been collecting a wealth of info by following some great people on Twitter. With any luck I will be able to update here more frequently now that I have the break in between clients.

That is all for now, I am looking at the clock and I see that my next client session begins in 30 minutes. Have a great day all.


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