Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Excuse me Mr. President.....China Line 1 (or the internet Fairness Doctrine)

If you wake up in a few months and think you are in China, you would be wrong, but you would not be far off if Obama's nominee for the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs gets appointed. Cass Suntein, a friend and former classmate of Obama, is on the record as saying
A system of limitless individual choices, with respect to communications, is not necessarily in the interest of citizenship and self-government.
-Cass Sunstein, arguing for a Fairness Doctrine for the
Internet in his book, Republic.com 2.0 (page 137).

He has a few other gems on record, but I will not delve into those at this time. Apparently Sunstein has not heard of something called the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, or that freedom of speech is a God given right, which is contextualized in the said Amendment. Sunstein's proposal calls for opposing viewpoints linked on the internet, that would include an opposing viewpoint to this blog, your blog, non-profit organizations websites, and essentially to every place on the internet.

One could only begin to imagine what the internet would look like. For example, my blog may have an opposing viewpoint that says free speech is wrong, or that gun control is constitutional, or that freedom is not necessary. The full ramifications of the effects of this Internet Fairness Doctrine will begin to come out, but I can also imagine something like this: the NAACP website might have links that there should not be an advancement of colored people, and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children's website might have a link to someone saying that sexual exploitation of children is fine and dandy. On the other hand the White House website might have a link to my blog saying that Obama really is not the Messiah, and the New York Times would have links saying that the New York Times is wrong in 99% of the articles they print. No I suspect that this Fairness Doctrine would only be used against some people, and it would be chosen by the current Administration, not by some sense of fairness.

We can see how ridiculous this Fairness Doctrine would be, Sunstein and Obama are really implying that you, the educated American citizen can not make an informed decision without their help, or even search out another opinion before coming to your own conclusions.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I will not be bullied into putting something on this blog that I do not agree with. If you want another opinion, then please search it out on your own. If you do not like what I write, then please point your browser in a different direction, godspeed and may the door not hit you in the ass on the way out. But if you think that you or anyone else can bully me into being "fair" well then you would simply be wrong. Their is a common misconception that we derive our rights from the Constitution and the Government. This is not the case; we derive our rights from our Creator, the Constitution ensures those rights, and the Government is bound by those rights. These rights can not, should not, and will not be taken away. I will defend every single right that you and I have. I do not favor one right over another, and I do not think that you have more rights than I. I'll be damned if the President, or any other government official will tell which rights are "fair", or which rights I do not have. The government can only take your rights away if you let them.

In Liberty,

You can learn more about Cass Sunstein at STOPSUNSTEIN.COM

World Net Daily
Republic.com 2.0

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Top o' the morning

I have scoured my usual news sources and I have found nothing of value to talk about. The day I have time to actually sit and blog is the day that nothing is happening. Pelosi? Obama? Uncle Teddy? You all disappoint me, and not for the normal reasons. I suppose if I these three offer me no blog fodder than they are also not destroying America.....for today that is.

There is the usual, Pelosi had knowledge of illegal NSA wiretapping of Rep. Jane Harman. Obama has a plan in the works that could criminalize hand loading of your firearms, as well as building your own firearms (get those AR's built people!), and Uncle Teddy (that is our favorite drunk driver from Massachusetts) has come out in full support of Obama's plan to have paid volunteer work, through AmeriCorp, for those who are unemployed; their paychecks are taxpayer funded of course. The upside to this is that you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping out millions of other people with your hard earned dollars. What's that? You are struggling to make ends meet? You don't think that you should have to spend your hard earned dollars to bail someone else out....again? Well Vice President Biden thinks that you are unpatriotic. You must be one of those right-wing extremists they were talking about. As soon as Gitmo closes you are headed right to the new prison in Pennsylvania (say thank you Rep. Murtha), but don't worry you will not be waterboarded, you will have to watch an endless loop of Obama speeches...and volunteer with AmeriCorp, which you will be driven to by Uncle Teddy.

Ah yes, America, Land that I love....I won't go any further, that phrase may have piqued the interest of some folks in black suits because according to this administration I may just be a right wing extremist (aka domestic terrorist). Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go (but I will not be saluting my flag, or performing any other patriotic activities...wink wink)