Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mmmmmm Bacon Salt

Like many of you, I too love bacon. Bacon goes well any time of the day and with many different food groups. Bacon and Eggs, Bacon Lettuce and Tomato (one of my favorite foods) or scallops wrapped in Bacon, you can never go wrong. Just this morning, around 5am when I was having a round of insomnia, I was explaining to Ashley how bacon seems to be my breakfast meat of choice. So imagine my surprise when I was walking through the grocery store today and saw.....BACON SALT. Now I have heard of bacon salt before, probably on one of the excellent gun/bacon blogs that I read, but I never saw the elusive bacon salt in the wild. Needless to say I picked up a container of the bacon salt, the original flavor, not the hickory. I just walked through the door from the grocery store so I have not had a chance to use it, but tonight we are having a Superbowl party and the chances to use Bacon Salt should be plentiful. I will have a full report later after the game.

Now all I have to do is find a recipe for Bacon Candy. I heard about it a long time ago on either Breda or Tam's blog, and have ever since been trying to find this treat. Anyone know where I can find a recipe? We get some pretty good bacon, and bacon ends, from our local butcher so we are never in short supply of that.

On a side note, a reader has asked that I blog about what is in my first aid kit. That is coming soon as well, I just have to pull everything out of it and take a picture and then sit down and write about it. I thank the reader for commenting and I welcome you to my blog. I hope you come back often.


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