Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Job---Day 1

Today was the first day at my new job. Now before I can officially work in a managerial capacity there are a number of hopes to jump through and a number of things that I must learn, in particular I must become familiar with all the workings of the kitchen as well as the front part of the restaurant. This is not a restaurant where you are served at your table, you place your order and it is essentially self serve once the order is filled. Today I began to learn how to cook roughly half of our product line as well as assemble the rest of the order from beginning to end. We had a pretty busy day today, with a really large lunch rush, and then what I referred to as a "late lunch rush" for those who come around 2.

So far the place is great, and the people are really nice as well. Today I worked with mostly guys in the kitchen, which was fine with me because they are all laid back and funny as hell. At some point however, I was left alone in the kitchen to fill orders myself. It was one of those things where we were not expecting many customers, and the rest of the staff was busy doing other things such as restocking and cleaning. I handled it fairly well, although the speed of service dropped a bit, after all I am the new guy, and I was trying to complete all of these orders on my own. The staff was impressed at how quickly I learned what needed to be known, and were glad I was jumping in to help complete orders.

All in all it has been a good day, a long and tiring day, but a good one none the less. It feels great to be working again and I don't mind being tired since I am tired because I have put in a day of work. Humans were made to work, to accomplish something, and I am glad that I am fulfilling that task at the moment.

Now I have to go to class until 8:45pm, and I am not looking forward to that. I certainly do not want to sit in lecture for 3 hours but that is what must be done.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Here I am

After a long and much needed hiatus I am back to write regular posts once again. There are a few updates to give, and this post will not be incredibly long as I am tired and will begin to post longer posts shortly. So where shall we begin?

Let's start here:

I have begun my second semester in my pre-reqs to the Nursing program. This semester I am taking Anatomy and Physiology I as well as Spanish I. A&P I will be the death of me and the song comes to mind "what doesn't kill us will make us stronger, we're gonna last longer". IF I can make it through this course I will be certain that the rest of my nursing education will be fine. So far with this course I am on the verge of smoking....again, and it will only get harder. I am sure by the end of the course I will be a 3 pack-a-dayer coupled with a someone-please-caffeine motto.

Onto better news, the wedding is 3 months away and I am very excited. Almost all of the details have been ironed out and we are pretty much on cruise control, which is very relaxing. Our honeymoon will be held in the same place where we were engaged and we are looking forward to having a fantastic time.

Okay now onto the best news of it all, the day of my birthday I had a job interview, the day after my birthday I had the second interview for the job and I was offered the job on the spot....I accepted. Today I had my orientation and tomorrow I begin the first part of my training and in about 9 weeks my training will be complete. In short, I FINALLY HAVE A JOB!!!!! My job is in a managerial capacity and I am a shift supervisor/coordinator/manager. Hopefully in a few months I will be promoted to a better managerial position and thus into a higher paying salaried position. This is what I will say about the position, it is in the dining services field, which I have some experience in, and I am sure there will be a few blog posts about my work. Keeping that in mind I will NEVER post where I work, with whom I work with, the name of the place I work or anything else that can identify the organization. The reason is simple, if I should post something in a venting manner I do not want it to come back onto the company. This company has businesses and employee's worldwide and certain isolated events do not reflect on the company itself, nor would it reflect on my particular location. If someone should read this blog, I would never want them to think I am speaking about them, or this particular location. So yes, I am finally glad to be working again and I am excited to start my first real day of work tomorrow.

Now, onto some rather sad-ish news. Facebook.com has revised its Terms of Use Policy, in particular the section Submissions. The section reads as follows:
You acknowledge and agree that any questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, feedback or other information that you provide to Facebook ("Submissions"), are non-confidential and non-proprietary. Facebook will be entitled to the unrestricted use of any such Submission for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, without acknowledgment or compensation to you.

Emphasis is mine

Because of the section I have bolded, EFFECTIVELY IMMEDIATELY my blog posts will no longer import to facebook, including this post, until the terms of use changes. Facebook does have the right to make this their policy, and I have the right to now take action as a consumer. Anyone who has read my blog through facebook notes will no longer be able to do so. This is not a move I am happy about, as I believe that I was reaching a much wider audience using the facebook notes, however I am not going to give facebook unrestricted use of anything that I write.

So now I must be off to bed as I need to wake up early. Tomorrow you can expect more posts.

Friday, February 13, 2009


I know I have been fairly quiet lately, but never fear I will have regular posts up soon. I had a reader ask what is in my first aid kit, and that post will be coming soon. My first aid kit will grow a little in the next month. I am getting certified in Basic Life Support and thus I will change my first kit as necessary to use those skills if they are needed.

As always I have some political opinions and I will post them as well.

So hang tight my friends, I am alive and I will begin to post and visit your wonderful blogs very soon, probably after the weekend as tomorrow (FEB 14) is not only Valentine's Day but also my birthday!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mmmmmm Bacon Salt

Like many of you, I too love bacon. Bacon goes well any time of the day and with many different food groups. Bacon and Eggs, Bacon Lettuce and Tomato (one of my favorite foods) or scallops wrapped in Bacon, you can never go wrong. Just this morning, around 5am when I was having a round of insomnia, I was explaining to Ashley how bacon seems to be my breakfast meat of choice. So imagine my surprise when I was walking through the grocery store today and saw.....BACON SALT. Now I have heard of bacon salt before, probably on one of the excellent gun/bacon blogs that I read, but I never saw the elusive bacon salt in the wild. Needless to say I picked up a container of the bacon salt, the original flavor, not the hickory. I just walked through the door from the grocery store so I have not had a chance to use it, but tonight we are having a Superbowl party and the chances to use Bacon Salt should be plentiful. I will have a full report later after the game.

Now all I have to do is find a recipe for Bacon Candy. I heard about it a long time ago on either Breda or Tam's blog, and have ever since been trying to find this treat. Anyone know where I can find a recipe? We get some pretty good bacon, and bacon ends, from our local butcher so we are never in short supply of that.

On a side note, a reader has asked that I blog about what is in my first aid kit. That is coming soon as well, I just have to pull everything out of it and take a picture and then sit down and write about it. I thank the reader for commenting and I welcome you to my blog. I hope you come back often.