Friday, January 23, 2009

A Pledge to be a Servant to Our President

I am sure some of you have seen this video, but I am so appalled that I am posting it here. I was instructed to go directly to about 3:50 so I will instruct you to do the same. I did watch some of the video and all in all it is a good idea, except the part where they say that they Pledge to be a Servant to our President, Barack Obama.

This, to me, is disgusting. I have never, not now, nor will I ever, while I still take a breath, Pledge allegiance and servitude to a Government or a Government official. A Pledge of Servitude and Allegiance to a Government is a thing of Monarchs, it is what serfs and slaves do, and I would rather die than be a slave.

Growing up and going to Catholic School we did Pledge Allegiance to something and that was the flag. Every morning I would say the words that mean so much to free men and women, and if followed will help to keep men and women free.
I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation Under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

There is importance in those words, and if looked at carefully it will show exactly where my Allegiance lies. You see I am servant of, and aligned with Old Glory and everything she represents. No matter what tyranny's the Government may impose, the Flag still stands for freedom and is a reminder of the blood of patriot's who died defending her. I pledge my allegiance to the Republic, the idea of a nation of free men and women, where our say is the highest law of the land, and not the say of a dictator, a President, a Monarch. My allegiance and service go to America, not the government whom represents America. America is about exercising our God given rights, laid out in the Constitution and defended by Patriots. Without America there would be no government, but without a government, America would still stand. My service and allegiance goes to my fellow American, because I believe that everyone should take care of themselves, their families, but also take care of their fellow man, IF THEY CAN AND WITHOUT THE FORCE OF GOVERNMENT. Yes I believe in stewardship, but stewardship by Government force is slavery. And finally my allegiance and service goes to God, the creator of the World, who bestows upon me my right to freedom, to life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Understand that a Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, to this country, to your fellow American is not an entitlement to anything. You are entitled to what you work for, nothing more, nothing less. That is also what America means and if remembered will keep us a Republic and not a socialist society. I never made that Pledge expecting anything in return, I made that Pledge out of a sense of Pride of Country, out of a sense of Honor because I am lucky enough to be born a free American, out of a sense of strong Integrity and Duty to patriotically do what I can to make sure the promises that lie in the meaning of the Flag and America, are passed down to the next generation.

Had my choice for President won the election I would not have Pledge Allegiance and Service to him either, and he would not have stood for anyone doing anything of the sort.

Some people will say that our military Pledge to carry out the word of the President, and yes this is true, and Government officials do the same and I understand this, but if the President told the military to enslave the American people, it is my belief that many of the men and women serving will not follow those orders. Some will, because they do not know better, but many will not. The men and women in the armed forces pledge to carry out their job, as instructed by their employer, just I do when I work for someone, but if that employer tells me to lie, cheat, steal, shred valuable documents, I am out of there, and that is the difference.

Where does your allegiance lie? Do you love America, and everything it represents, or do you love a man? Are you a Patriot or a traitor? Are you proud of America, motivated to serve by Her, or are you motivated to act only because a certain person leads a country? Know where your loyalties lie, I know where mine lie.


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