Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No business telling Israel what to do

Yesterday, 06 January 2009, Israeli mortars struck a UN school and brought outrage from around the world, as it had killed some children and civilians. Hamas claims that the school was being used as shelter by civilians, while Israel claims that Hamas is using human shields, and sending mortars from the school itself. Israel merely fired back, hitting the school. France and Egypt jointly called for a ceasefire, along with talks of how to keep rockets out of the hands of Hamas. Meanwhile the Bush Administration also called for an immediate ceasefire, and President-Elect Barack Obama said that the civilian deaths are a source of deep concern.

I do not mean to sound cold hearted here, but does it really matter what we say? I mean think about it, if a terrorist group begins lobbing rockets at America, are we going to sit by? Are we going to listen to the worlds pleas for a ceasefire. America is already fighting an unpopular war, a war that a large majority of the world has called to end. Yet we still fight that war because we were attacked by a terrorist organization, on our own soil, killing thousands of innocent civilians. Our decision was to take the fight to them, and yes civilians have died.

American, nor the rest of the world, has any business telling Israel they must enact a ceasefire. We can have an opinion, but in the end Israel must do what it can to protect its' people from the terrorist organization Hamas. I do not like war, I do not like violence, but I also know that sometimes violence in necessary in the defense of life.

I believe very much that Hamas is using human shields, I also believe that children are dying, but Hamas is inflating those numbers, some of those women and children are trained as terrorists, and while Israel is accused of killing those people, it is Hamas who took their lives away. Israel, do what you must to defend your people.

Children trained by Hamas

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