Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Bill HR 45, is a threat to gun owners

Today's article at the Gun Rights Examiner has an article called Qualifying Firearms, where it discusses a bill introduced in the House last week. The Bill is H.R.45 or Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009, which was introduced by Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL).

This bill is an obvious threat to your gun rights, and as stated in the Gun Rights Examiner, it is a Declaration of War against gun owners and the Constitution. I'll say here what I said over at the Examiner about this bill, but make sure you read the article over there to get the whole story.
If it is war they want, than it is war we must give them. All members of gun rights groups need to contact those organizations and pressure them to start speaking out against Holder, because he will be the Attorney General and if you think we are going to get any approval from him, we are wrong. That means no approval, no guns, no self defense, and rising violent crime rates.

More importantly we must bombard the our reps with letters, phone calls, and emails. It is not hard to fire off an email every day, or to pick up the phone every day. It is also not hard to send a letter. Type one up print out a bunch of copies, hand sign them, yes hand sign them ALL, and mail one a day. If everyone mails one letter a day for a few days the offices will be flooded with mail, they will know that folks are paying attention.

Obviously if this bill passes it will be challenged as Unconstitutional, but the idea is to not let this get passed. The last thing we need is Eric Holder calling the shots and determining who will get guns, because it will not be us.

This law could make most of us felons if we do not comply with the law, and you can only push a patriot so far before they begin to push back.

If it is a war they want, it is a war they shall get.

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