Monday, January 12, 2009

Hamas brainwashes children, uses them as human shields.

H/T to Double Tapper for the video. He is being called up on active duty. He is a service man of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). May God be with him and his fellow country men as they rain hell down upon those terrorist scum bags and send them to an early meeting with their creator.

If anyone wants to know why so many Palestinian civilians are dying, it is because Hamas is using them as human shields. This includes children! And as the world protests in outrage against the Jews and Israel, few are outraged at the fact that Hamas is brainwashing Palestinian children to hate, and is using them as human shields. Where the fuck is your outrage now; United Nations? UNICEF? EU? Any numbers of countries who have condemned Israel?; where is your outrage?

IDF, may you shoot straight and true, one shot one kill, send them straight to hell.

You had better bet your ass I am glad I am an infidel*


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