Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Empty your pockets meme

This has been floating around and I am posting it now after seeing it on Home on the Range, the ever so wonderful blog of Brigid.

The idea is to "empty your pockets" and take a picture of the things you carry on a daily basis. Not all of the things I carry on a daily basis actually fit in my pockets so this is a psuedo-accurate picture.

Starting at the top and moving clockwise:
My wallet
A Columbia River Knife and Tool N.E.C.K Knife (which I do not wear around my neck).
Car/House keys
Tactical Flashlight (120 lumens, striking front)
Smith and Wesson S.W.A.T Knife (this thing is heavy and bulky, but is the only one that I have not broken. The clips on all of my other knives tend to break off or the blades become loose and never stay tight when I tighten them. This is a quality knife I picked up for 30 bucks.)
Spitfire Pepper Spray
My phone is not present because I used it to take the picture.

I also always have a first aid kit in one of two places. It is either in the car on a daily basis but there are a lot of time when I have a backpack with me that I keep this first aid kit.

Some will notice that a gun is not among the things I carry on a daily basis. It is only because I do not have the money to buy one at this time so I do not have one to carry. Hopefully this picture will change soon to include one.

Okay folks, empty out your pockets and post your own!

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