Sunday, January 4, 2009

Brady Campaign promotes gun violence

The Brady Campaign is an organization that is supposedly fighting gun violence. When they say fight gun violence they mean that they will support every piece of legislation to disarm the American public, and even propose legislation of their own. In the course of my blog reading* this morning I came across some very interesting pieces of information. There is a correlation between the Brady Campaign state rankings on gun control and the number of homicides in that state, unfortunately it is not the correlation that the Brady Campaign was looking for. First let me explain how the rankings work, essentially states that have less strict gun control laws, also known as states that do not violate the rights of their, have bad rankings from the Brady Campaign, while states that are very restrictive are ranked high on the Brady Campaign list.

With that being said this is what was brought to my attention. The Brady Campaign has ranked North Dakota 44th out the 50 states, giving them 4 out of 100 points. That would mean that according to the Brady Campaign, North Dakota is over run by gun slinging vigilantes, with blood flowing freely in the streets. However according to the KXMB and ND Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, the murder rate for 2008 is a whooping 2, and of those 2 people exactly zero were murdered with guns. Those two individuals murdered were done o with knives.

It gets much more interesting however. The Brady Campaign has also ranked the state of California number 1 out of 50, giving it 79 out of 100 points. This means that California is a safe haven of peace and love. Neighbor helps neighbor, and you have no need to fear being murdered in this hallowed ground of Brady Campaign Paradise. Except that is not even close to the truth, in fact, according to All Headline News, San Francisco ended 2008 with 98 homicides.

So let me get something straight, the Brady Campaign's best ranked states have the highest murder rates, while the worst ranked states have the lowest murder rates. It would appear to me that while the Brady Campaign claims to prevent gun violence, they actually promote gun violence and murder. It would appear that the Brady Campaign actually promotes gun violence, and if the plan is to make every state like California, than the Brady Campaign appears to be in full support of violence and murder.

Way to go Brady Campaign, you further prove the point that legally armed citizens actually decrease murder rates, while your utopia of gun control gets a whole mess of people killed, yeah...way to go.

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