Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Survival Mentality

I long ago realized that survival, that is living long into old age, is something that I am keen on doing. I also realized that in order to do that, I would need to hone my mind to always be in the survival mentality. Whether you live in a pretty bad city, like I do, or you live on a farm in a town with a population of 300, there are bad people in all locations and they are willing to maim, kill, torture, rape, rob and anything else in order to get their way, with no regard for you or your family.

I seemed to understand that a long time ago and have since been in a mind set what some would call paranoid, but what others would call always being aware of the surroundings you are in, walking away when you get that feeling in your stomach, situating yourself in positions in restaurants where you can see the door while also being aware of the exits. When I go to sleep at night I know every door is secure, every window locked. I know that in order to get into my room there are numerous items that will alert me to the presence of an intruder and allow me time to make sure I, and my family, are safe. I also see a possible weapon, and thus a self defense tool, in many common objects around me. Like minded people will understand the things I have described above, while others will begin to question their own habits, and still others will read this point, write me off as crazy, and go on with their lives oblivious to the dangers around them.

Part of the survival mind set is also knowing, deep down inside, whether or not you have what it takes to defend yourself. This could be as simple as knowing that you are in danger and running, as a matter of fact that is one of the best ways to ensure survival, but when running is not an option you must be able to decide whose life is worth more, yours or the person trying to make you unrecognizable, even by dental records. It is important that you understand that at some point it may be necessary to use the tools at hand in order to kill another human being, a human being who is trying to kill you. That is when you must decide whose life is more valuable to you.

About a year ago I was discussing the state of the city with my grandmother, and that fact that I would soon apply for a License to Carry a Firearm (unfortunately finances have not yet permitted me to buy a firearm, much to my dismay). We then got into the issue of whether or not I would be able to actually kill someone while defending myself. My answer was simple and unequivocal, I never want to find myself in that position and I never want to take the life of another human being, but if another human being is attempting to take my life than I will do what I must in order to stop the threat, and if stopping threat also means stopping the life of the criminal, than yes I would be able to kill someone in the process of defending myself. I am not sure when I made my up my mind of that ability, but it is something that I think about often. I do not think about as a morbid obsession, but I think about so that if that time were to ever come my mind would not shut down my body as a defense mechanism. Obviously taking the life of another human being has a large psychological toll on any normal person, such as those defending themselves, and I am not making the claim that if I had to defend myself it would not affect me. In fact I know I would be profoundly effected and I would feel some sort of sorrow for the family of the now deceased scum bag. However I have also made up my mind to not feel guilty about making the decision to live.

It is this survival mentality that I hope that a lot of others will instill in themselves. Whenever I am not in my home I am running through different scenarios in my mind. When I walk through a parking lot and I see a group of people my mind goes into survival mode, and I immediately think about escape routes, and in their absence, how I could live. The same is true for any other encounter I have, no matter where I am. It has no doubt saved my life more than once, as I have noticed unsavory individuals following me in garages and department stores, and it was only when I made it apparent that I would defend myself that these people ceased to follow me.

Survival is more than having a first aid kit, it is being able to violently and viciously respond to an attacker. Overwhelming violence is what an attacker is hoping to use in order to over come you, are you willing to respond with overwhelming violence of your own?

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