Friday, December 5, 2008

St. Louis Alderman says more guns for citizens to fight crime.

Source: LA Times
Charles Quincy Troupe, a frequent critic of his city's police force, says more "Show Me State" residents should buy guns and get training, and that if criminals knew they're more likely to meet resistance, they might think twice about their illegal activities.But a police association spokesman expresses skepticism about the alderman and his idea and what officers might confront on patrol. And Mayor Francis Slay suggests Troupe could do more by urging constituents to cooperate with police.

No matter what people think, statistics are on the alderman's side. Areas that have higher numbers of law abiding citizens with guns have lower numbers of violent crime (think about most of the state of Vermont) while areas that are highly restrictive of allowing their citizens to carry a gun have higher incidents of violent crime (think Chicago and Washington DC).

Unfortunately that police spokesman is worried about what the police will encounter on their patrol. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that they will encounter much safer neighborhoods and people who are much more dedicated to their communities. Safer neighborhoods call for the involvement and vigilance of the people who live in those communities. When a community takes responsibility for their own safety then crime will decrease, however communities that rely solely on the police for their safety can never be safe. A criminal knows that the police can not possibly be everywhere all the time, but a criminal knows that a community of responsible individuals who are armed and trained can watch the neighborhood because they live in those communities and the criminal will always take a high risk by trying to victimize those communities. Think of this way, if an entire neighborhood makes it known that they will not stand to be victimized and they also have the means to prevent that victimization, criminals will look else where. As this spreads into more neighborhoods eventually it will also encompass entire cities and states. Most criminals want easy targets, not people who will fight back.

So I say kudos to the alderman and I hope he stands his ground. After all, criminals will either be wise to move out of places where they face a lot of danger of residents who will fight, or those criminals will be shot and/or killed attempting to victimize communities. Now I am not saying I want these criminals dead, however if it is my life over the life of someone trying to harm me and mine, than my life is certainly more important than the life of a criminal.

The best defense is to be able to defend yourself.


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