Thursday, December 11, 2008


We are a country that is marching,fairly rapidly, towards nationalization. I am not sure that some people grasp the concept of what it means to bailout a company and what it means when the government takes over and essentially owns the majority shares of a company.

In the past six months of so, the government, with our tax payer money, has bailed out banks, insurance companies and mortgage companies. The government now holds the majority share of stocks of some of the largest mortgage and insurance companies as well as banks IN THE WORLD. Now technically since the people are paying for it, and because the government is supposed to be run by the people, not the people run by the government, we own these companies. However you can not point this out to the government because they get a little jumpy about this issue. At any rate, with the government now running the show with these companies they are now nationalized. With the passing of the Auto Bailout in the House the government is also nationalizing the auto industry will be run by someone in Congress (this vote will still need to pass in Senate, but if we remember what happened with the other Bailout we can be certain this will pass as well). It is likely that we will also see a nationalization of health care, thanks to the Obama team, which will give the Federal Government a firm hold on many of the things necessary for the nation to function. You will now buy your car from the government, get your mortgage from the government, get the insurance for your home from the government, and soon you will get your health care from the government as well.

Some people obviously do not see the problem with this, in fact some people like this idea. The reason for that is simple, those individuals do not know history and therefore they do not know what they need to fear in this nationalization. Nationalization wrests more control from the States and thus from the people and places it in the hands of the Federal Government, thus giving us a very strong central government (yes you have heard about a strong central government being bad somewhere before.....yes think junior high and high school American History/civics). The Founding Fathers knew the problems of a strong central government, and many people after them knew the problems as well. Even today there are those who know what the problem is but sadly, as reflected in this last election, it seems that the majority does not know the problem with a strong central government.

The more power a Central (or Federal) Government has, the less power you have. American is not meant to have a strong central government such as a king, or a dictator. The words "king" and "dictator" as well as "socialism" and "communism" invoke strong reactions and feelings, however the word "nationalization" does not seem to invoke the same fear in the hearts of the people. Perhaps this will put it into perspective; Cuba, China, North Korea, and Iran are all nationalized, the first 3 more so than Iran. Now, the first 3 are of course very much nationalized to one of the farthest possible ways, but once we begin to nationalize one thing it is a slippery sloop. The proof of this slippery sloop is evident in the fact that once the big bailout was passed this past one is not receiving nearly as much protest from the public. This is where it gets very dangerous because the government will make changes that wear you down and de-sensitize you and then they make the big changes without much resistance.

Nationalization is an important step towards a unionization of the North American countries. Some people will turn away here because many dismiss the idea of a North American Union (unity the countries of Canada, American, and Mexico using the European Union model). That is fine, whatever your personal belief about the NAU is ok with me, but I have read the reports that are coming out of the congressional Committee on Foreign Relations. The documents are clear as to the intent and these are official documents from the government talking about this. We know that the EU was a bad idea, it has taken power away from individual countries and people and placed it with a group that is hardly representative or accountable to the people. A North American Union would be the same way, and as we nationalize more and more of American industry it is a smoke screen, a desensitization so that unification* will receive little protest.

Remember folks, strong central government is bad, nationalization of industry is bad, and a North American Union is bad. Speak up now before it is to late.


*Speaking of unification I just found this awesome show called Firefly. Go and watch it and you will see what I mean.

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