Monday, December 15, 2008

Making this country a better place (a respone from and to Seoutfromwithin)

As many of my readers know, there is a commenter who leaves comments from time to time that I respond to publicly. We tend not to agree on most things politically, but he/she (I do not know this person) is seemingly intelligent and often leaves intelligent comments on the blog. As promised the last time this person left a comment I responded and said that if they responded back I would post what they wrote. So they have responded and here it is, and then my response as well. This back and forth is a result of my commentary on Obama and Seoutfromwithin's thoughts about me "wasting" my vote.

(I apologize it took so long for me to respond. My exams are finally over. Post this.) Ron Paul is a creationist. It's both astonishing and fascinating to witness him publish a manifesto detailing what he views are the "problems" of our country while some of his core beliefs are absurd an push against the tide of common sense. His opinions and solutions are unrealistic. Abolish the IRS? Impossible. Dismantle NASA? Improbable. Dissolve the Department of Education? Absolutely not. Perhaps if the United States were as big as his district these solutions would make sense. I don't understand how you can take this man seriously. His belief in the conspiracy theory regarding the "North American Union" is particularly disturbing. This man should be carted from Congress to an asylum ASAP. We've heard him shouting "the sky is falling" long enough. He is scary and so are his followers.

Ron Paul believes in creation and evolution, as do a large majority of biologists and other scientists. It is interesting you bring up this point as we just talked about this in one of my pre-reqs for my nursing course. It is interesting to note that while the extremists from both camps tend to be off on both the theories of evolution and creation, the moderates from both camps have given a lot of credibility to both theories. We must remember that evolutionism and creation are both theories, not being able to truly prove either one, and when you look at both of them they can exist together. The problem comes when people believe that the world was created in 7 days, because after all God is not limited by time and space and a 24 hour day is not necessarily one of God's days. Dr. Paul does not believe this, he is a doctor after all and has a strong medical and science background. What he does believe is that God is the creator of the world and of all things, both living now and those things living in the past. Evolution does happen, as all animals and plants etc adapt and evolve in order to survive, but there is no reason not to believe that a Supreme Being does not have a hand in that and has set it in motion. We also know that Darwin did indeed believe in God, and that God has a hand in creation, as he received a degree in Theology (or was it Religious Studies?). I would not call Ron Paul a creationist or an evolutionist, but I am not so sure there is a term for someone in between, as some people are more interested in keeping the sides divided than bringing them together. I believe in both theories as well, when they are applied correctly. Neither theory negatively affects the other.

He discusses abolishing the IRS because the job they have of collecting income tax is, quite frankly, unconstitutional. The Amendment never received the majority vote, and was never ratified. Furthermore, their is already an Amendment in the Constitution that forbids laying a direct tax and the income tax is a direct tax on your labor, which in itself is an absurdity. An amendment to the Constitution can not be made which violates an already existing amendment because that would then make the violating amendment illegal. It is the same as having two laws, one making something legal and the other making the same thing illegal at the same time. Abolishing the IRS is not absurd and can be, and should be, done. Income Tax pays for nothing beneficial to the American Public. It does not go to roads, schools, government programs, or anything else good for the American Public, the income tax simply goes to paying the debt that the Federal Reserve lays on the United States for printing money. Making the Federal Reserve an actual government organization, and not a private one made of share holders and making a profit, would eliminate the need for an income tax and thus would make abolishing the IRS very easy.

Dismantling NASA is a very good idea and is not new to the American Public. It has been talked about for quite a while by multiple politicians. Notice he does not want to abolish all aspects of NASA, as that would be foolish, but currently NASA spends billions of dollars and does not accomplish nearly as much as it should. Some of aspects of the program are monumental failures and should not receive the funding that it does. Dismantling it, and making it more efficient and worthwhile, would give this country much more money to work with. Do we need an organization that is focused on space exploration, yes because as we move into the future I am sure this will be a necessity.

Dissolving the Department of Education. This is a very easy issue, for me at least. The Federal Government does not have the authority to regulate education on a national level and should be something that the states regulate. Again the Dept of Education is another bloated money pit of a Government Agency that seems to be doing more harm to the education of our country than helping it. As an example look at the No Child Left behind act to see the disaster that is the Dept. of Education, as well as the ridiculous hoops that must be jumped through in order to fall into the guidelines of the Dept. Some of the guidelines make it absolutely impossible to teach children effectively but do plenty to teach them how to pass that ever so important test to receive funding. Education without the Department of Education can be easily seen in any non-public school in the nation, ranging from Kindergarten to College. Private schools, in general, do much better in educating students, as seen in test scores and graduation rates. These are the same tests that are taken by kids who receive public education, the same tests that the public schools teach too and the private schools do not. Private schools are not bound by the absurdities of the Dept. Of Education and it shows. I am not saying that all public schools, in fact some of them are fantastic, such as the public schools in Northern Virginia, however in general public schools are becoming more and more of a failure, not because of the students or the teachers but because of politics. I have personally been told, both in high school and college, that if those teachers had to fall into compliance with the Dept. of Educations guidelines, that there were a lot of things taught to me that were not supposed to be taught under the DOE guidelines. Interesting how the DOE does not allow some information to be taught. So yes dissolving the Department of Education is a good idea, after all it can not do nay more damage than what the agency does now.

As far as the North American Union being a conspiracy theory I only ask that you do your research on this one. The Committee on Foreign Relations, a congressional committee, has discussed the North American Union many times, and news reports can be found on their website. It has been discussed in main stream media plenty of times and the Canadian Prime Minister has admitted to meeting with Bush and Fox about a North American Union. I am not sure how some people call it a conspiracy theory when evidence of the discussions can be freely found on government websites and has been openly admitted. Do think it is a far stretch to imagine a NAU? You do know that a large portion of Europe has been brought under the control of a European Union, don't you? Why do you think it could not happen here? I believe that people who do not believe that talks and plans for a North American Union have been discussed, have simply not done their research into the matter. It is plainly out there for all to see.

As far as his followers being scary, do you really think I am scary? Does he have some fringe supporters? Yes of course. But so does Barack Obama, such as the Black Panthers. Every politician has some group of scary people, but the majority of Ron Paul supporters are honest, hard working, citizens who want nothing more than for the government to stop stepping on their civil liberties and to stop putting their noses in where it does not belong. That is not someone who is scary, that is someone who understands what America was founded upon. If you do not want your liberties than you are free to give them away, but when a government tries to take them, that is intolerable. Scary I am not, anyone who knows me, hell the majority of my readers, know that I am not a scary person, or a tin foil hat wearer, or anything of the such.

So as I said before, I voted for the man most capable and most qualified for running this country correctly, in line with the Constitution, and while keeping America a sovereign nation with a population that has all of it's civil liberties intact. Just because he says what others do not, does not make him crazy. Nothing he has said is untrue or unreasonable when you consider what I have just talked about here. It seems that he may be one of the only politicians that is actually paying attention.


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