Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ham/Amatuer Radio

I am trying to get into "Ham" or Amatuer Radio. It serves a duel purpose, first I think it will be a good hobby, but secondly, and more importantly, is that when I become a nurse I want to get involved in some volunteer emergency efforts in the area. I may join the local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) or the local Red Cross. I know our firefighter's and the EMT/EMS crews that run with them are all volunteer and I would not mind doing some sort of rescue work etc etc. At anyrate, I know that in an emergency a "ham" radio is a very good, and very stable mode of communication. I have an old CB that was given to me by my mother's uncle that I am going to try to connect to my car tomorrow, but for ham/amatuer radio there is much more involved and I believe I have to take classes and get an FCC user license.

Does anyone have any information that may be useful? Anyone into this sort of thing? I appreciate all responses.


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