Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gun Nuts and Gunblogger Conspiracy

Tonight was a night of many firsts for me.

For the first time ever I tuned into Gun Nuts radio and I must say I am impressed and it was a great show. The show and the chat were full of gun bloggers whom I read every day so it was more like a star studded experience for me. These folks are much more experienced and knowledgeable in firearms than I am and I always enjoy their blogs and now tonight I thoroughly enjoyed their company. Needless to say I will be back for as many of the 2009 shows as possible.

I also joined the conversation after the show at Gunblogger Conspiracy. It was great chat with some of the gun bloggers and gun folk, and I will be sure to visit as often as possible.

I highly encourage everyone to catch Gun Nuts Radio and to join the conversation at Gunblogger Conspiracy, it is highly educational and highly humorous.

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