Friday, December 5, 2008

Great Organization: Hunters Sharing the Harvest

I was reading my local newspaper this morning and read of a great organization in Pennsylvania. The group is called Hunters Sharing the Harvest (www.sharedeer.org) and was created in 1991 by John Plowman. It is a group of hunters who donate some of the meat to local food banks and shelters so that others may eat. Any one who hunts can participate by simply taking the deer to a participating butcher and paying $15 dollars to help offset the costs of butchering and processng etc. The meat will then be distributed to those in need.

In my county of Berks the need is especially dire as the food banks are running out of food and 8500 new families have registered for food distribution through October. Last year the hunters in Pennsylvania donated about 100,000 pounds of deer meat and this year they are hoping to get more as the need has increased. Some hunters harvest multiple deer (in PA you just have to buy an additional license) and donate a whole deer to the effort.

Go on over to the website to find more information and a list of butchers.

If you are in Berks County there are two buthcers who participate:
Steve Drumheller, Morgantown, 610 286 6274
Mark Sadler, Bethel Township, 717 933 8790

If you live close to Pennsylvania you can probably find a butcher in the state that you can get to, and if you live outside of Pennsylvania I encourage you to see if there are similar programs in your state, or if you can get a program like this started in your state.

Hunters are incredibly friendly and generous people, we love nature and are willing to help those in need. With all the heat that gun owners seem to be getting these days it is nice to give back and show folks that we are not violent knuckle draggers who hate nature.

Happy Hunting,

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