Monday, November 17, 2008

Weight Loss Update

I am one week into my weight loss and this past week I lost 4.8 pounds, which bring me down to 393.6 pounds. Yes I have a long way to go, but I plan on taking it one day at a time and to never look back. I have set short term goals of at least 10 pounds every two weeks and a long term goal of 150 pounds by November 12, 2009. One day at a time makes it much easier to deal with.

I have stopped the 3 day heart diet and have only been doing to 1600 calorie diet. The 3 day diet gave very little food and was based on a chemical breakdown, and while the weight loss would be significant I was beginning to feel sick by the end of the first day. I broke the 3 day diet by eating an apple which raised my blood sugar and made me feel much better. Perhaps in the weeks leading up to the wedding, after I am used to eating smaller amounts of food (ie the correct amounts of food), I will go to the 3 day diet in order to drop the last few pounds I can. At this point I will use the 1600 calorie diet and lose the weight 1 pound at a time, 1 day at a time, until finally I am slim, fit, and healthy.

But this is not something with a definitive end. I have already decided that this is a life long change, a journey that will really never end. At some point I will be able to grab some pizza, or have that slice of cake, but now is not the time for that, I spent the past 22 years doing that, now is the time for healthy foods and a healthy life.

So here is to the rest of my life, and to your as well. If there is anyone who needs some encouragement, or would ;like to ask some questions, drop me a line.

Also I just signed up for a free website called sparkpeople.com, it has a lot of valuable resources for weight loss as well as menu's diet plans, goal trackers, articles, and a great group of people, essentially everything you would ever need to start your journey, stay the course, and find the help and strength when you get derailed. Check it out.


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