Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A vote by any other name

I got to the polling place at 6:45am, here were already a lot of people there, and sadly a large number of them were voting for Obama. It makes me wonder if they will be the ones so quick to join the Civilian National Security Force, so quick to turn in their neighbors, so quick to hand over their rights.

I cast all of my votes knowing that I would be able to sleep at night, that I could certainly not be accused of doing nothing. I cast my vote keeping in mind that I am a Patriot, willing to live, fight, and die for my rights because if Obama is elected we will soon know the true cost of freedom. Obama has made it quite clear that he believes his socialist policies are patriotic, insinuating that anyone standing against him is not a patriot. This language scares me, it is used t divide people, it makes his supporters believe they are the only patriots and thus one must support socialism to be a patriot; these are the same tactics used by dictators throughout history.

We will see what happens as the polls close tonight. I am already suspecting a lot of foul play. There were two machines at my polling place, which is no where near enough for the amount of people who were there already. One of those machines was "broken", although it said that the machine was turned on at 6:56am before the polls opened. The woman in the polling place asked people to vote by paper ballot and then put their ballot in a cardboard box near-by. I decided to wait for the machine, not knowing which was worse, a machine that was probably tampered with, or a cardboard box.

On another vote, I did not see anyone from ACORN driving a bus full of illegal immigrants named John Smith or Mickey Mouse so I suppose that is a good thing.

Go vote people, there is always someone to vote for, thri party or write in is always an option.


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