Monday, November 10, 2008

Republican for a Reason

The GOP has launched a new website called Republican for a Reason. They are looking for ideas, comments, etc. and includes the new Party Platform and Rules. Right now I am not the biggest fan of the GOP. Most of us who are conservatives, who love liberty and personal freedom are stuck. The GOP has moved from it's conservative roots causing many of us to be alienated and at the same time we would never think of going to the Democratic party, especially since it appears they are marching towards becoming the Socialist party. I am blogging about this website for one simple reason and it is the first paragraph of a letter stated in an email from Mike Duncan, and written on the front page of the website, it goes as follows:
As we regroup as a Party after the presidential election, we must reflect on what we have done well and what we can improve upon as we move forward.

The GOP must know why they lost this past election, we must correct them and let them know that until they move back to Conservative values and small Federal Government, that they will not gain votes or respect.

I urge everyone to go to the new website, sign up, and express your views and ideas. Most of the people who read my blog are also bloggers themselves, so I know you have opinions.

I myself have submitted what I think the GOP needs to do in order to be the true conservative, true Republican party that it once was. Unfortunately that has yet to be posted on the website, although the FAQ's section says that all comments are posted. When it is posted I will post it here, I believe it particularly good and dead on.

Now off you go, give 'em hell, take back your party, take back your country.


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