Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oprah thinks America is now as united as we were on 9/11

This morning Oprah made the comment that with the election of Barack Obama, Americans are now more united, like the times right after 9/11 when Americans banded together. I hate to tell Oprah but she is wrong on this one. Obama may have won but he did not win by that much and we are certainly not a unified nation.

As of 11:02pm on November 5 2008, the votes are as follows:

Barack Obama has 53% of the vote or 63,993,373 votes.

John McCain has 46% of the vote or 56,443,226 votes.

Furthermore, third party candidates received 1,559,570.

Anyone who understands the concept of "half-plus-one" will understand what I mean when I say that is essentially what Obama obe by.

Now many people know I am deeply saddened by this country electing a Socialist, but I blame the GOP for not sticking to the conservative roots, and I blame the Main Stream Media for shamelessly blacking out some candidates while pandering to others. I also blame the fact that many American's do not what Socialism is, have no idea about history, and can not see that Obama's policies are actually harmful to a free nation of people.

However, these results actually give me some hope. A lot of people thought it would be a landslide victory for Barack Obama, but it is far from a landslide. This lets me know that when Obama does become tyrannical and attempts to enact Socialism, I will not be the only Patriot standing against him, hopefully these election results mean that there are 56 million other people who will stand with me (and I know there are some who will).

So no Oprah, the country is not more unified now, or as unified as after 9/11. The country is split almost right down the middle. I can understand why she thinks this is unified, after all she thinks that Socialism is synonymous with Liberty.

So fear not my friends, in 2010 we can put some Liberty minded candidates back in Congress, and in 2012 we will hopefully have brought the Republican Party back to its' true conservative roots and we can take back the country. I just hope we last that long.

Be bitter, cling to your guns and your God, defend your liberty.


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