Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama's Civilain National Security Force

And now, if there was any ever reason not to vote for this man, this is the it. I am becoming afraid to even make posts like this because if this man becomes President, this blog as well as this blog owner may disappear.

A Civilian National Security force. First off, when you train civilians to be a security force they are technically no longer civilians. And what is the purpose of making civilians into a security force? Throughout history these people have been those who turn in their neighbors for "dissent", they have been the ones who drag their fellow man from their homes and ensure that the Fuhrer President has no opposition. This is what Marx's dream was, and the tactics that Lenin used. These are the thoughts and actions of Hitler.

Now let us not forget that Obama and Biden have already floated the idea of forced volunteerism in either the military or the peace corps, which is also not an idea that goes hand in hand with freedom and liberty. I am certain our favorite communists the People's Republic of China have this same policy in effect, and Hitler had the Nazi Youth.

A Civilian National Security Force will make your family and friends jack booted thugs whose job it will be to ensure a firm boot on your throat. Have no doubt about it folks, Obama will pit you against your neighbor's, your friends and family. Children will be encouraged in their schools to turn in their parents. If you do not know what this plan would look like, venture back into some history, read Orwell's 1984, and better yet read "The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot" by Naomi Wolf.

I am not saying that people will willingly do this. Throughout history they were not always willing, but they do it anyway after some persuasion. Perhaps they remember that their neighbor disappeared one night, or perhaps they are reminded of how quickly their own families could disappear.

If their was ever a time to cling to God and your Guns, now is that time. And while you are at cling to a lot of ammo, non-perishable foods, and water.


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