Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Lesser of Two Evils

Three more days until the good commercials come back on television.

With the political season winding down and the future of our country at stake I feel the need to express just one more time something that many others are feeling.

This blog writer does not endorse any of the current candidates for President. I feel that there was one individual running that was worthy of this office but he is no longer in the race. At this point this is what I am telling people, either vote third party or vote for John McCain.

While neither McCain or Obama are the greatest of candidates it is clear that McCain is by far the lesser of two evils. Actually compared to Obama, McCain is not all that evil at all just slightly delinquent.

We know a few things about Obama:

He is a socialist

He will take your guns away even though he does not have the Constitutional authority to do so. He has already voted to do so many times, including going on record saying that he supports a federal ban on concealed carry laws.

He has already attempted to violate free speech rights of organizations who speak out against him, and there is no reason to believe he will cease that activity if he is elected.

He is on record as saying that he believes the federal government must introduce "price signals" to cause a behavior change in the American public, similar to what was done with Fannie and Freddie to cause banks to give questionable loans to people. The fallout of that is the current financial crisis.

He will socialize medicine and increase the welfare state and the taxpayer is the one who has to foot the bill.

Remember this when stepping into the voting booth in a few days, one person is going to decide how free you are in the next four years and of all the candidates Obama is the one offer the least freedoms.

Cling to your God and you guns,

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