Saturday, November 8, 2008

Job woes

I have been having some job trouble. This post has been in draft since October 20th so keep that in mind.


I started a new job two weeks ago, last Thursday I found myself without work again. Let me explain, I am a fantastic employee, I am hard working, dedicated, and will get the job done. So what happened? Here we go:

I am Therapeutic Support Staff certified and I can work on a treatment team to give therapy to children with behavioral disorders. This ranges from Autism to ADHD to Oppositional Defiance Disorder. In this field of work you are at the mercy of a few factors, including insurance companies, parents refusing to allow you to give treatment, and whether or not the kid goes to school or gets kicked out of school. My problems thus far have been the insurance company and the kid being removed from school.

After months of getting the insurance company to approve the child for treatment I was finally able to go into the child's school. The child that I was assigned to was diagnosed with multiple behavioral disorders including ADHD and Oppositional Defiance Disorder (it is worth noting that this is the one disorder that I was wanred to try to steer clear of). When I got to the school the first day the teacher told me that he is prone to getting into fights but is more of a follower. He is disruptive in class by calling out and leaving his seat, but compared to the rest of the children in the class he is otherwise a good kid.

I have been working with him for about a week and a half during which time he did not get into any fights and for the majority of the time he raised his hand instead of calling out. His teacher reported to me that for all intensive purposes he is a different child when I am in the school with him, and is much better when I am not there in the afternoon (I am with him in the mornings usually.)

So Thursday I arrive at the school at 9:30am. The children get there at 8:45am. I had warned the school multiple times that I should be there when he arrives as he gets hyper on the bus and needs someone to calm him down; apparently the school did not agree, stupid. I am greeted in the office by the principal, a woman who seems more concerned about her hair, nails, and drawing attention away from her beak shaped mouth, the guidance counselor, whom was a little flaky at all times of the day, an intervention counselor, whom I have throuroughly enjoyed working with, and another teacher.

Apparently the child, along with two other children, began to throw everything they could get their little hands on, break anything and everything and harassed anyone who came into that room. I prepared for the worst when I entered those doors. I expected to see hell on earth complete with fire and brimstone instead I walked into the room to find the kid sitting quietly in his desk doing work. Admittedly the room was fairly empty and there was a lot of stuff broken but it was not nearly as bad as I had been told.

I noticed that the windows had been covered in black paper and the kids were confined to a square made from green tape that the children were forbidden from leaving. I also noticed that all of the kids' artwork had been removed the walls, the desks had been emptied, all signs of reward systems had been taken away, and the teacher assigned to the room was not the same as previously. In short, the administration thought it a good idea to change everything these kids had known since school started, kids who are already diagnosed with behavorial disorders and benefit greatly from routine, without giving them any type of warning at all and never explaining to them what was happening.

After speaking to my child, he told me he broke part of the plastic covering of the computer wires and yelled at the teachers. He also told me that he threw hs book but not at anyone and that he did not hit, kick, bite, spit at, or otherwise harm another human being. That was a small victory for me. He also told me that the school was making them feel like a prisoner with the black paper on the windows and the tape on the floor. He was also very upset that the school took his pencils, the ones with the cartoon character erasers (later in life he will learn to be pissed about someone taking his green paper, the ones with the dead presidents on them).

So I empthazied with him, I understood how he felt, but I counseled him on how to deal with his anger more appropriately. His teachers did not make it better for him. He asked one teacher a question about whether or not a movie was "whack", this professional looked at him in the face and said "I don't know if the movie is whack because I don't live on the streets and use that word". She made me so frustrated that I wanted to wrap her plethora of necklaces around her stupid little neck.

Shortly after I arrived the police arrived, and then I had to call in his therapist, who arrived with his mother. The police officer was sensible and gave them all a very frank but helpful talk and told them he wuld not be giving them citations, because, let's face it, citing a 10 year old only hurts the struggling mother and the judge is going to throw it out anyway. But the principal ensured me she would be pressing charges, which will probably result in a fine and keep the kid out of the school system for good.

That in itself enrages me, because if that kid had cancer she would have been much nicer to him. She was, in short, an unprofessional bitch to everyone of those children because she chose to see them as nothing more than being bad, when in fact they have a mental health disease. It is probably a blessing he is not in that school, but in a bone head move the school district ocndensed all of the resources to help these kids into two schools. So I suppose one down, one more to go for him. The last time I heard, he is still in the Children's Home Day Academy where he can receive treatment. I have been to that place, I do not think they treat the children well, but that is what happens when the county eats out of your hand.
So with all of that being said I am currently jobless, technically laid off I suppose. Needless to say I have been going on more interviews, and putting out more resumes. I was promised a call from a company on Friday, hopefully they call me this Monday lol.

Who knows, maybe I should just wait for Obama to become President and then I will never have to work again or something like that. Right?


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