Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honor and Remembrance for the Veterans

Today is Armistice Day, when on November 11, 1918 World War I ended.

Today is also Veteran's Day and we remember and honor all Veteran's who have fought, some died giving all for this country, others gave all they had and came home. No matter how they arrived, whether it be on an airplane under their own will, or inside a mahogany box draped with the Stars and Stripes they are all heroes.

About a year ago I wrote a poem for my grandfather, he has left this earth long ago, but while here he served his country as a Marine. He fought in Vietnam, and no matter what the political views he did what he was supposed to do and he and his brothers were brave. Other members of my family also served in the military and I honor them as well, but this is my grandfather's poem, this poem is in honor of James "Jimmy" Farrell.

My Grandfather
James "Jimmy" Farrell
Semper Fi, Do or Die OO-RAH

A Drink and an Ode

To you old warrior I raise my glass,
A war others would not, you fought!
God, Country, Corps…Semper Fidelis

A young Marine trudging through tall grass
Keeping watch over the freedom your brothers bought
To you old warrior I raise my glass

Under Ol’ Glory you were trained to kick ass
You, the devil dogs, you ruthlessly fought
God, Country, Corps…Semper Fidelis

I have a picture of you clad in brass
Pride swelling, keeping you in my thoughts.
To you old warrior I raise my glass.

A man full of courage, securing the jungle pass
Looking for Charlie, the enemy must be caught
God, Country, Corps… Semper Fidelis

You old friend defended us in the past
America will forget you not
To you old warrior I raise my glass
God, Country, Corps…Semper Fidelis.

To all the Veteran's...
No matter how many times I say thank you it will never express my deep gratitude to your service. I have nothing I can give or offer that will ever be enough for your service and sacrifice. I can only keep you all in my heart and give you the utmost honor and remembrance. I can also vow this, I will always love America with my entire being, I will always love the Stars and Stripes with my entire being as well. I vow to defend the liberties that the people of this country were granted by God, and that are set out in the Constitution of these United States. And should anyone attempt to take those rights away, I vow to fight for this country and its' people, the way patriots such as yourself and our ancestors have fought, because I would rather die fighting for liberty than to live without it. This, my friends, is the least I can do.


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