Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dog farts

Since Friday my fiance and my future in-laws have been out of town and I am watching the house and the dogs. This duty includes essentially living at the house, making sure the puppy goes out every three hours and making sure the old dog does not get fed up with the pup and eat her.

Needless to say it has been a trying few days because the puppy has successfully shredded every toy she has, leaving me to clean up a cubic ton of cotton, and she has also eaten half of the very large house plant. Not to mention that every time I sit down she believes that is her cue to hop into my lap, which would be fine except when I am trying to read the newspaper or eat a meal. But she is a very cute dog and when she is being good it makes me think I want a small dog, but then I remember that big dogs are much better to hunt with and can bite the leg off of a would be intruder, or a would be impregnator of my future daughter (heh...you think I joke lol)

So anyway, all was clam last night until the most god-awful smell in the world made its way to my nostrils. I quickly looked around to make sure one of the dogs did not crap on the carpet...again. And then I heard a noise and being a guy who lived in a dorm full of guys for four years, I instantly recognized it as a fart. I look over and the old dog seems to have uncontrollable gas! She is lying on her back legs up, on the floor and can not get comfortable but is farting up a storm. When I start laughing she looks at me, rolls over and starts to walk away.....but the farting continued with every step she took!

I could not help myself, I was laughing so hard because to the best of my knowledge I never actually heard a dog fart. Now the smell was not funny, but the site of this dog lying on her back with uncontrollable gas was hilarious, and then walking away still farting topped it all off.


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