Thursday, November 13, 2008

Congressman Broun apologizes for comparing Obama with Hitler

A few days ago I posted about Congressman Broun drawing parallels between Obama and his policies to Hitler and Marx and their policies.

Apparently Congressman Broun has caved and has released an apology saying:
I regret putting it that way. I apologize to anyone who has taken offense at that.

Rep.Broun may I make a suggestion? Do not apologize for speaking the truth. People have compared President Bush to Hitler as well and no one has apologized for that. I hope that no one thinks that Obama deserves any more respect or consideration than Bush in dealing with drawing parallels.

Are some of Obama's policies socialistic? Absolutely
Are some of Obama's policies reflective of Hitler's policies? Absolutely
Are some of Obama's policies reflective of Marxism? Absolutely

So then why the need to apologize. It is my belief that some people may want to treat Obama with kid gloves because they do not want to seem racist. I say calling it as you see it is not racist. History books, historians, and professors do this very thing all day. Anyone who can not draw parallels from history will be blindsided.

Am I racist? No. I have a very mixed family, some of them are black, some of them are latino, some of them are white. My family represents many nationalities as well including Italian, Irish, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Puerto Rican and the list continues.

Racist I am not, and will I compare Obama to Hitler and Marx, yes I will because it is true. It could be the case that he surprises me and goes against what he has been saying, so be it, but as his policies currently stand he is a socialist with policies comparable to both Hitler and Marx as well as other socialist and communist dictators throughout the world both past and current.

Rep. Broun, do not apologize for being knowledgeable, and if people are offended than they should take a stroll through history and they will see they have no reason to be offended unless of course the truth offends them.

For Liberty,

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