Monday, October 6, 2008

When gas was .33 cents a gallon (oh, that was today)

Some people remember when gas was .33 cents a gallon. Those times were better times, or at least cheaper times. Now I too can say I remember when gas was .33 cents a gallon.

My brother called me this morning and told me to get to the gas station because they were having a sale on the gas and it was cheap. I pulled the truck into the gas station around 7:30am wondering how cheap this gas could possibly be, the sign read $3.39, and I thought that if this was a sale what are the prices like on a non-sale day. Well I needed gas anyway and I was there so I hoped out of the truck and painfully pulled the credit card out of my wallet, slide it in and out of the pump and started fueling. I put the pump in the tank, pulled the handle and pushed down the little catch so I did not have to hold the handle in while it pumped (it was 7:30 and I am lazy). I had turned away from the pump (it is less painful that way) and was talking to my dad when I heard the pump click, telling me the tank was full and my wallet would be hurting. I looked at the pump to see how much it socked me and it read $5.26, I thought something was wrong, I knew the tank was all but empty, so I pushed the handle again and it stopped. Then I checked the gallons and the pump read 15 gallons!!!

I just bought 15 gallons of gas, which filled the truck, for $5.26. I checked the price on the pump and the price read $0.339 a gallon instead of $3.39. The picture is above. I took it with the camera on the cell phone or no one would ever believe me, hence why the picture is not the greatest.

Hopefully the rest of the the day goes well, I start my new job today and if the price at the pump was a small tip of the hat from God, than the job should go well too.


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