Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tack-ons to the bailout bill.

I am currently compiling all of the things tacked onto the bailout bill that have absolutely nothing to do with the bailout. This is called Christmas treeing a bill because everyone gets to hang their project on it. This is another reason why we need the "One Bill at a Time Act", and "One Subject at a Time Act". I have provided links to them below so you can read about them.

Read the Bills Act
One Subject at a Time Act

Later today or tomorrow I will be posting all of the excess garbage tacked onto the bailout bill so you can too can be infuriated the way I am. Monday morning my Senators will receive a call from me asking them if they read the entire bill, and if they knew about the things they voted in favor of, then why would they vote for those things.

Here is a little taste of the things passed with the bailout bill:

1. IRS now has the authority to train more undercover agents that can open businesses for extended sting operations and open bank accounts with tax payer dollars

2. Tax breaks and incentives for NASCAR

3. Tax breaks for companies in the America Samoa, which is where SunKist has a tuna canning company and the parent company of SunKist is located in the district of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

And that is not even all of the most outrageous crap in this bill.

Stay tuned later today or tomorrow for more.


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