Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gun Rights "Propoganda"

I know I have been on a bit of a hiatus lately. Life has been busy. I am looking for another job (post on that coming soon), the city decided to pick a fight with my elderly grandmother and my aunt with a severe medical condition and me being the gentleman I am decided to show what happens to dogs who bark up the wrong tree (post on that coming as well), and the Mayor of the city has also decided to pick a fight with me in the local paper because I bashed his new gun ordinance in a letter to the editor (and a post will be coming on that as well). As you can see I do have some posts in draft waiting to be published, but with life as busy as it is I have not had time to finish any of them and publish them. I do not have much time now to right an in depth post but I want to inform everyone that I will attempt to write posts regularly again as well as read the blogs daily. I miss all of your writings dearly.

Until then, with just days before the election, remember who to vote for and protect those gun rights, as well as all your other rights. Here are some short videos to help you remember:
Note: While I do not endorse any of the current candidates for you to vote for, I am placing an anti-endorsement for Barack Obama....do not vote for this Socialist.

Remember folks, throughout history all leaders who disarmed the population also committed genocide and unimaginable atrocities. Read history and draw your own parallels to Obama. He is a Socialist, a Marxist, and unfortunately for us he has pulled to wool over a lot of eyes...do not be a sheep, be a sheep dog.


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