Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Geekiness to the Nth degree

Everyone knows that even though I am extremely cool, I am a geek at heart. Geeks have some of the coolest stuff in the world. Keeping with that theme here are two geeky websites that have some awesome stuff.

H/T to Sharp as a Marble for blogging about the website geekologie. It is very cool and very geeky and and as evidence of that, here is the latest entry on geekologie.

Yes that is an ice cube tray that makes ice cubes that look like bullets.

Okay and here is my absolute favorite website. It is called Think Geek. They sell some of the coolest stuff I have ever seen such as the Micro-R/C Flyig Saucer, the Clocky Robotic Alarm clock (makes you chase it before you can turn it off), the Darwin-Evolving Man Playset, and a carnivorous desk plant inside a little plastic terrarium dome. They have a ton of useful things such as very secure flash drives, and computer monitoring devices, and they have fun and annoying things, such as the sonic boom grenade that can only be turned off by re-inserting the pin (great for annoying co-workers and loved ones),the marshmallow gun, and one of my personal favorites, the air cannon and the mini air cannon!

Remember that website is called Think Geek and is a great place to find gifts and awesome toys. That website has kept me from doing serious work for hours!

Okay now go off and procrastinate.

Happy geeking,

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