Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Much like lite mayonnaise, or *shudder* miracle whip, blog-lite is also not a good thing.

I apologize for being lax on the blogging lately. Life has gotten busy. I got a part time job, but they are promising me full time hours. I love the job honestly, but if they don't get 40 hours for me soon I have to walk away (after I find another job of course). I do feel bad about possibly walking away because my job has a direct impact on the life of a child everyday, but part time pay also has a direct impact on my life everyday.

I also caught a cold a few days ago and that has not put me in the mood to blog.

On top of that I am tired of blogging about Obama and McCain. While one of my favorite past times is flaming (and praising when deserved) politicians, the current political scene has become very boring. I thought it was going to get exciting when Palin slammed Obama for Bill Ayers, but it does not seem like McCain can capitalize on Palin's aggressive style (one more reason why I wish it was Palin/McCain and not McCain/Palin. Ol'Joe (Biden) has not said anything stupid in about a week or two and quite frankly I can no longer stand the sound of Obama's voice.

On top of that I have been focused on local politics lately. The newspaper staff is very familiar with my letters to the editor at this point, and Magda from the Mayor's office has become one of the nicest people I know in city politics. A City Codes Inspector has unwittingly picked a fight with me and is now losing, quite embarrassingly might I add. Apparently she was not prepared for the backlash when she decided to curse and yell at this educated and determined individual. Next time she wants to be unprofessional and curse at someone on the phone she needs to make sure that the individual in question does not know how to use a phone and how to get the ears of his representatives especially in an election season. It does pay to be educated and persistent.

So as you can see life has been busy. Blogging will return to normal as soon as possible. Sit tight and check out some of the blogs on my blog roll, they are some of the best on the net.


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