Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gun Rights "Propoganda"

I know I have been on a bit of a hiatus lately. Life has been busy. I am looking for another job (post on that coming soon), the city decided to pick a fight with my elderly grandmother and my aunt with a severe medical condition and me being the gentleman I am decided to show what happens to dogs who bark up the wrong tree (post on that coming as well), and the Mayor of the city has also decided to pick a fight with me in the local paper because I bashed his new gun ordinance in a letter to the editor (and a post will be coming on that as well). As you can see I do have some posts in draft waiting to be published, but with life as busy as it is I have not had time to finish any of them and publish them. I do not have much time now to right an in depth post but I want to inform everyone that I will attempt to write posts regularly again as well as read the blogs daily. I miss all of your writings dearly.

Until then, with just days before the election, remember who to vote for and protect those gun rights, as well as all your other rights. Here are some short videos to help you remember:
Note: While I do not endorse any of the current candidates for you to vote for, I am placing an anti-endorsement for Barack Obama....do not vote for this Socialist.

Remember folks, throughout history all leaders who disarmed the population also committed genocide and unimaginable atrocities. Read history and draw your own parallels to Obama. He is a Socialist, a Marxist, and unfortunately for us he has pulled to wool over a lot of eyes...do not be a sheep, be a sheep dog.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Much like lite mayonnaise, or *shudder* miracle whip, blog-lite is also not a good thing.

I apologize for being lax on the blogging lately. Life has gotten busy. I got a part time job, but they are promising me full time hours. I love the job honestly, but if they don't get 40 hours for me soon I have to walk away (after I find another job of course). I do feel bad about possibly walking away because my job has a direct impact on the life of a child everyday, but part time pay also has a direct impact on my life everyday.

I also caught a cold a few days ago and that has not put me in the mood to blog.

On top of that I am tired of blogging about Obama and McCain. While one of my favorite past times is flaming (and praising when deserved) politicians, the current political scene has become very boring. I thought it was going to get exciting when Palin slammed Obama for Bill Ayers, but it does not seem like McCain can capitalize on Palin's aggressive style (one more reason why I wish it was Palin/McCain and not McCain/Palin. Ol'Joe (Biden) has not said anything stupid in about a week or two and quite frankly I can no longer stand the sound of Obama's voice.

On top of that I have been focused on local politics lately. The newspaper staff is very familiar with my letters to the editor at this point, and Magda from the Mayor's office has become one of the nicest people I know in city politics. A City Codes Inspector has unwittingly picked a fight with me and is now losing, quite embarrassingly might I add. Apparently she was not prepared for the backlash when she decided to curse and yell at this educated and determined individual. Next time she wants to be unprofessional and curse at someone on the phone she needs to make sure that the individual in question does not know how to use a phone and how to get the ears of his representatives especially in an election season. It does pay to be educated and persistent.

So as you can see life has been busy. Blogging will return to normal as soon as possible. Sit tight and check out some of the blogs on my blog roll, they are some of the best on the net.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Geekiness to the Nth degree

Everyone knows that even though I am extremely cool, I am a geek at heart. Geeks have some of the coolest stuff in the world. Keeping with that theme here are two geeky websites that have some awesome stuff.

H/T to Sharp as a Marble for blogging about the website geekologie. It is very cool and very geeky and and as evidence of that, here is the latest entry on geekologie.

Yes that is an ice cube tray that makes ice cubes that look like bullets.

Okay and here is my absolute favorite website. It is called Think Geek. They sell some of the coolest stuff I have ever seen such as the Micro-R/C Flyig Saucer, the Clocky Robotic Alarm clock (makes you chase it before you can turn it off), the Darwin-Evolving Man Playset, and a carnivorous desk plant inside a little plastic terrarium dome. They have a ton of useful things such as very secure flash drives, and computer monitoring devices, and they have fun and annoying things, such as the sonic boom grenade that can only be turned off by re-inserting the pin (great for annoying co-workers and loved ones),the marshmallow gun, and one of my personal favorites, the air cannon and the mini air cannon!

Remember that website is called Think Geek and is a great place to find gifts and awesome toys. That website has kept me from doing serious work for hours!

Okay now go off and procrastinate.

Happy geeking,

Monday, October 6, 2008

When gas was .33 cents a gallon (oh, that was today)

Some people remember when gas was .33 cents a gallon. Those times were better times, or at least cheaper times. Now I too can say I remember when gas was .33 cents a gallon.

My brother called me this morning and told me to get to the gas station because they were having a sale on the gas and it was cheap. I pulled the truck into the gas station around 7:30am wondering how cheap this gas could possibly be, the sign read $3.39, and I thought that if this was a sale what are the prices like on a non-sale day. Well I needed gas anyway and I was there so I hoped out of the truck and painfully pulled the credit card out of my wallet, slide it in and out of the pump and started fueling. I put the pump in the tank, pulled the handle and pushed down the little catch so I did not have to hold the handle in while it pumped (it was 7:30 and I am lazy). I had turned away from the pump (it is less painful that way) and was talking to my dad when I heard the pump click, telling me the tank was full and my wallet would be hurting. I looked at the pump to see how much it socked me and it read $5.26, I thought something was wrong, I knew the tank was all but empty, so I pushed the handle again and it stopped. Then I checked the gallons and the pump read 15 gallons!!!

I just bought 15 gallons of gas, which filled the truck, for $5.26. I checked the price on the pump and the price read $0.339 a gallon instead of $3.39. The picture is above. I took it with the camera on the cell phone or no one would ever believe me, hence why the picture is not the greatest.

Hopefully the rest of the the day goes well, I start my new job today and if the price at the pump was a small tip of the hat from God, than the job should go well too.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tack-ons to the bailout bill.

I am currently compiling all of the things tacked onto the bailout bill that have absolutely nothing to do with the bailout. This is called Christmas treeing a bill because everyone gets to hang their project on it. This is another reason why we need the "One Bill at a Time Act", and "One Subject at a Time Act". I have provided links to them below so you can read about them.

Read the Bills Act
One Subject at a Time Act

Later today or tomorrow I will be posting all of the excess garbage tacked onto the bailout bill so you can too can be infuriated the way I am. Monday morning my Senators will receive a call from me asking them if they read the entire bill, and if they knew about the things they voted in favor of, then why would they vote for those things.

Here is a little taste of the things passed with the bailout bill:

1. IRS now has the authority to train more undercover agents that can open businesses for extended sting operations and open bank accounts with tax payer dollars

2. Tax breaks and incentives for NASCAR

3. Tax breaks for companies in the America Samoa, which is where SunKist has a tuna canning company and the parent company of SunKist is located in the district of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

And that is not even all of the most outrageous crap in this bill.

Stay tuned later today or tomorrow for more.


Friday, October 3, 2008

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now the proud owner of failing banks

The House passed the $700 billion dollar bailout plan. You, the taxpayer, now own 2 huge failing banks (probably more). Please recall that a few weeks ago the government also became the largest shareholder of two other failing companies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Please note that even once this bailout passed the Stock Market STILL DROPPED! Oh, you mean you expected everything to be all better. That is not how it works and I have warned about that, as have others.

There are a few problems now.

1. We now have to pay $700 billion dollars and America is already trillions of dollars in debt. Have you tried to get money out of your banking account when you were in the negative? It does not work that way.

2. We now have 4 failing companies on the books. Know what happens when you buy so much bad debt? Eventually you too are failing. Would you want to own a boat with a hole in the bottom? How about 4 holes? Imagine trying to sail that boat.

3. Welcome to the Kingdom of America. Do you know what it is called when a citizen owes its debts to the government? It is called a Serfdom and the leader is King George.

Interestingly enough I saw a news report that Senate received 91,000 phone calls and 85,000 of those calls were against the bailout. In a recent poll 7% of Americans SUPPORTED the bailout. It does not seem like Congress cares about the population at large any longer. It is time for a change.

I am making it my goal to make sure my Senators, Senator Robert Casey Jr. and Senator Arlen Specter, do not get re-elected. This bailout was un-constitutional as was stated in a letter to me by Senator Specter and because the federal government does not have the power to use tax payer money to bailout private corporations.

Interestingly enough my Congressman, Rep. Joseph Pitts, voted against the bailout for a second time. I have had my differences with Pitts but this vote has solidified his my vote for him in the next election.

Call your Congressman and Senators, let them know you are unhappy and remember this:
When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them...That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

It is time to throw off this government who has become destructive.


See how your Representative voted in the House here.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dennis Kucinich says Wal-Street is sticking up the taxpayers


Rep Kaptur accuses Congress of Insider Trading--MUST SEE SPEECH

Senate approved the bailout, now it must go back to the House for a vote again. My hope is that the House will stand strong. Just to clear up anything confusion, Senate includes your Senators, this is what Obama and McCain belong too (they both voted for this bailout by the way) and House is where your Congressman and woman are located.

Before the bailout was passed Rep. Kaptur from Ohio made a very good 1 minute speech. Watch the short, video it is very good.

Contact your representatives in the House. Go to congress.org and input your information on the left side to figure out the contact information for your Congressman/woman. Send them an email, call them, send them a fax. It is especially important to do this if your representative voted NO before. Call them and reassure them that they should remain steadfast in their decision.

Here is a sample letter that can be used to email and fax them:
Dear Representative/Senator:

I urge you to oppose Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's $700 billion bailout of Wall Street.

The bailout:

- violates the Constitution by authorizing the Treasury to purchase bad mortgage-related assets.
- greatly enlarges our national debt and further erodes the value of our dollar.
- bails out Wall Street at the expense of Main Street by putting taxpayer funds at risk while freeing up banks to continue making bad loans.

Already, hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent bailing out Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and AIG, and the final price tag for those moves could result in trillions of dollars being added to our national debt.

The bailout plan ignores the fundamental reason why our economy is in such crisis: the Federal Reserve and the federal government's interference in the market and manipulation of the money supply spurred major banks and other corporations to back bad mortgages.

Adopting this proposal will only continue the same flawed practices and greatly worsen the long-term effects.

The way out of this current economic crisis is to return to the principles that made this nation great: constitutionally-limited government, personal freedom, low taxes, and a belief in sound money.

I am asking that you strengthen our economy by taking action to:

1.) End the Bailouts - The Federal Reserve's authority to use taxpayer money to bail out Wall Street must be revoked and the Fed must be held accountable.

2.) Cut Taxes and Curb Regulation - If we really want to stimulate businesses and revive the market, we need to cut corporate and capital gains taxes, spurring investors to come back to the market and making it easier to attract new workers and clients. It is also time to repeal failed legislation like Sarbanes-Oxley, which has crippled capital markets, diminished our competitiveness, and greatly harmed small businesses.

3.) Reduce Spending - We must freeze all non-entitlement spending by the federal government at current levels and eliminate wasteful spending both domestically and in our trillion-dollar overseas budget. Our debt has to come down, and it won't until we start living within our means. Reducing spending and cutting the debt will strengthen our dollar and reduce our cost of living.

4.) Reform the Monetary System - If we are to have long-term economic progress, we must end the system of printing money out of thin air. The current laws limiting the circulation of gold and silver-backed currency must be overturned.

Thank you for your attention in regard to this matter. I will be closely watching as events unfold over the next several days. A vote to approve the bailout plan will cost you my vote for your next reelection bid.


[Your name]

Contact them, let them know you are watching and that you are going to vote. Tell them that a vote for this bailout will cost them your vote for their seat.

Contact Senate as well and if you senators voted against the bailout thank them, if they voted for the bailout tell them that have lost your vote. Let the government know that their actions have severe consequences.