Sunday, September 28, 2008

You are the First and Last line of defense

I have heard many people throughout the course of this election discussing guns, gun rights, gun control and why do or do not need guns on our homes, in our cars, in our pockets, on our hips, in our pants, at the store, at our kids soccer game, at the bakery, and just about every other reason of why and why not, where and where not.

I am a gun owner. I currently only own rifles, because when I turned 21 I was at college where I could not have a gun, and also because I moved back home in May. Since then I have not had the means to purchase a handgun. It is the first thing on my list of purchases when I do become financially stable and this is why:

I am the first and last line of defense in my life.

If someone does not understand that simple concept and has no inkling of wanting to know why this is true, than turn away now.

This is a simple truth to understand. If someone threatens your life, if someone enters your home with the intent to do harm, you are the first and last line of defense. IS a criminal going to wait while you call the police? And how quickly will the police get there? Will they get there quickly enough to spare the lives of you and your loved ones? Are you willing to bet your life on the reaction times of the police?

I am not willing to bet my life or the lives of my loved ones on the assumption that the police will be there. The police do not stop crime, the police investigate crime. Yes sometimes they get to a scene in time to prevent more crime from happening, but someone has to have already committed some sort of crime for police to even be involved or investigating an individual.

Someone enters my home intent on doing harm to my loved ones or myself and I know that I am the first line of defense and most likely the last. I am not interested in hand to hand combat with a criminal, they are most likely armed they want something that is mine without regard to my life or the lives of those I love. They would just as soon end my as they would throw away a piece of gum. Why use inferior tools when I can use a gun to defend myself? Police have them, military personnel have them, bodyguards have them, and the average citizen is all of those things for their own lives. I police myself and what I own, I defend myself the way the military defends a country and I am a bodyguard to myself, why should I not be aptly prepared?

I also believe that some human life is worth more than other human life. Yes, my life is more valuable than the life of the man trying to kill me and my family. If you believe that your life is not more valuable than the life of the person trying to kill you than so be it, survival of the fittest will take care of you. But as I am a person who "clings to God and guns" I firmly believe in the right to defend my life with all the tools I have.

Some people believe that a burglar alarm should be the first line of defense. An alarm is not defense, an alarm is to alert that you should be ready to defend. Just the same way that a stick breaking in the woods would alert military of troops getting closer, an alarm is to tell you that someone has entered your home with the intent to harm you. And it is up to you to stop that person from harming you.

So to the politicians, and the people who support them, if you do not like guns than do not own them. If you do not believe they should be in the home than do not put them in your home, if you do not believe they should travel with you than do not carry them. However, do not try to take that right away from me. If you are going to take away my right to defend myself and my loved ones than be prepared to take responsibility for any innocent life lost. I am a free man and I can make the decisions for my life better than you can, and rest assured, my decision to own a gun has no affect on your life.

When someone kills an innocent person who could not defend themselves because of a law the blood of that person is on the hands of the people who helped to pass it.

Rely on yourself, and if your neighbor offers than know they will back you up, but never try to take that right away.

In Defense of you and I,

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