Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Support a Sniper

Hat Tip to Brigid for having this in her sidebar.

American Snipers (americansnipers.org) was founded by police snipers recognizing that snipers in the military are sometimes without the equipment they need, due to budget constraints, in order to keep them safe during completion of their missions. Seeing this need, and wishing to make an impact, they created this website in order to spread the word and to get snipers what they need through the help of folks just like you. This is a non-profit organization which means donations are tax deductible.

Their website explains who they are:
Who are We?

We are active local, state, and federal police snipers as well as snipers from the various military branches.

We are a tight-knit group that believes strongly in supporting our brothers that are deployed to the front lines. In return for that support, they then pass on their gained knowledge upon their return.

We work hard and believe in our missions.

We train hard so that when the time comes, we can accomplish our missions to the fullest of our abilities.

We are snipers that need support in the form of advanced gear as well as "creature comfort" items to help us pass the time while we are away from our jobs and our families.

We are the ones putting our lives on the line to help keep this great country safe and free from terrorism. We are your sons, your brothers, your husbands, your fathers, as well as your friends.

We invite you to directly support the effort of those that are going in harms way on your behalf.

I urge everyone to head over and either donate needed items or donate some money so the snipers can have what they need. Snipers have longed played a pivotal role in winning wars that America has been in. The American Revolution was won in a large part due to snipers. This in itself was revolution and there are many accounts of British troops breaking rank when an American sniper picked off British officers. Let them know you care.

"1 Shot, 1 Kill, No Remorse, I Decide,


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