Monday, September 22, 2008

Palin kills moose...gets votes?

There has been chatter from both sides of the political fence about Sarah Palin and her hunting and killing a moose. None of her supporters believe that her shooting a moose qualifies her to be the Vice President, no she has many other things that qualify her for that. However, the liberals are seriously raising their ever annoying voices "So what if she can kill a moose....that does not make you a good leader".

There is something you liberal folks have missed. It is not that she killed a moose that is getting her popularity with hunters and gun owners. It is, however, that she will indeed go out and hunt a moose, much in the same way many of us in Pennsylvania and other states hunt. She is one of us, she is a hunter, a gun owner, she believes firmly in the Second Amendment. To put it simply we can relate to her, and we can trust her. Actions always speak louder than words and while Obama and Biden talk about not taking our guns they have consistently voted to take our guns away! Sarah Palin however has told us that guns will be safe with her in office and we believe her because she is one of us!

There are roughly 1 million registered hunters in Pennsylvania and every 1 in 20 residents in Pennsylvania are concealed carry permit owners and carriers. There are numerous other states with numbers like this and while Obama struggles in small towns such as Duryea Pennsylvania to assure the "hunters in the back of the room" that their guns will be safe, all we have to remember is that Sarah Palin actually owns a gun and uses it actively. Barack wants to disarm the citizenry and only wants those such as Secret Service to have guns to protect his daughters. I think that with a number like 1 million registered hunters and 1 in 20 concealed carry permit holders that he would be crazy to try, but so be it, let the socialist politician attempt it.

So shut up about it already liberals. It is not that she can kill a moose, it is that she does kill them.

And one other thing I am sick of hearing you whine about. While moose hunter is not a leader qualification, Governor of a state is. I can already hear the liberals bitching about it, but I just want to remind them of this fact. In 1993 Bill Clinton became the President of the United States and has been lauded by the Democrats ever since. Next to Ted Kennedy Bill Clinton is every democrats wet dream. Anyone know what Bill Clinton was doing before he was elected President? Oh yeah, he was the governor of Arkansas until December of 1992. So let me see if I can sort this out, Governor Bill Clinton is Presidential material but Governor Sarah Palin is not Vice Presidential material. That's makes as much sense as a Junior Senator running under the motto of change but picks the oldest Washington insider as his Vice Presidential candidate.

You liberals are so backwards I will never understand you.

Come And Take It,

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  1. Well said!

    This is why you're one of my daily reads.


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