Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Obama says guns are ok, when protecting his daughters

Hmmm Barack Obama, are you not the same man who is against the personal ownership of firearms? No need to answer that, sir, I know what your voting records looks like. But what is this? Guns are okay when protecting your daughter?

Associated Press Writer
Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, taking questions from an Indiana crowd Saturday, called on a 5th grade teacher. Noting that his 10-year-old daughter, Malia, is starting the 5th grade, he asked: "Any tips? What should I be waiting around for"

Someone called out, "boys."

"What!" Obama exclaimed in mock horror, as the audience laughed. "Hold on a sec. Maybe that home-schooling is all right. One reason I have to win here is so that I've got Secret Service around my girls at all times. They carry guns."

Malia might not be getting any play dates soon.

Well Barack I am someone's child as well, my fiance is someone's daughter, my cousins are the children of my aunt's and uncle's who are also children of my grandparents. As you can see the list goes on. My apologies for not having parent who can give me a Secret Service detail, but like those Secret Service agents I too can have a gun, as guaranteed in the Constitution. Some day I may have a daughter, and I will be her Secret Service sir. The next time you vote on another piece of anti-gun legislation, think about your daughter.

The right of the people....shall not be infringed,

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