Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fed announces $180bln cash flood to fight crisis

So the Feds are injecting $180 Billion more into the market. Is anyone else keeping count? I believe we are now somewhere around $600 Billion printed to "save the economy" in the past few weeks.

What a crock.

And I would like to point out that while the stock market is free falling, down another 450 points yesterday, Gold and Silver are rising. I have said before that we need to invest in Gold and Silver and the dollar needs to go back to the Gold Standard. Our dollar must be backed by something in order for it not to devalue the way it does. Dr. Paul, as I said yesterday, has a degree in economics and has been advocating this for years. Read the article I wrote yesterday and check out his articles about sound money that I linked to.

If you are beginning to see the issues, if something is starting to click, or if you want to learn more about saving our future head on over to Campaign for Liberty and check it out.

Sound Money, End the Fed,

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