Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Billy Blaze; an up and coming musician you must hear

I heard a song today written and performed by this guy named Billy Blaze. I became an instant fan of the guy and I want you folks to hear him as well. I am not sure how I can add a music player to this blog post, so I will post the links to the songs directly from his website, and while you are at the website you should check him out. As far as the genre of his music, his own website says it best
Born in Louisiana and living in Texas most of his life, it's no surprise that many have called his music "Texas-style". It's hard to put all of his music into a single genre, probably because he has always loved all kinds of music, but most of his music would fit neatly into folk, Americana, rock, country or blues genres.

Billy tells me that he will be releasing a CD soon and according to the blog on his website he is having a CD release party at The Greenwood Texas Dancehall and Saloon.

The song that I first listened to, "Think", is a mix between country and classic rock. It is my understanding that Billy plays the guitar in the songs as well as sings them. I am not sure if he writes all of his songs, but he has confirmed for me that he did indeed write the song "Think".

Alright that is enough from me, you have to hear Billy Blaze. His website is billyblaze.net

His song "Think" is the Track of the Day award winner from garageband.com. Click here to hear the song "Think".

His song "Love Hate Thing" has won many awards Best Male Voice in Acoustics, and Best Male Lyrics in Acoustics. Click here to hear the song "Love Hate Thing".

Make sure you look around the rest of his when you visit!


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